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Why God Dey Gather Im People to Do Wetin E Want?

Why God Dey Gather Im People to Do Wetin E Want?

1. Why God gather Israel that time make dem be im people?

God gather Abraham grand grand pikin dem make dem be one country, and e come give dem law. (Psalm 147:19, 20) E come call the country ‘Israel’. Na dem e tell how to serve am make other country fit learn from dem.—Read Genesis 22:18.

God choose Israel people make dem dey tell other people about am. Their story tell us how God take bless dem when dem do wetin God talk. (Deuteronomy 4:6) So, na from Israel, people from other country come take learn about God.—Read Isaiah 43:10, 12.

2. Why God gather im people to worship am?

E come reach one time, Israel no come be God people again because dem no follow the law wey e give dem. Jehovah come choose other people wey go dey worship am. (Matthew 21:43; 23:37, 38) Na this people come dey tell other people about Jehovah today.—Read Acts 15:14, 17.

Jesus arrange the people wey dey follow am make dem go preach, make many people fit come serve Jehovah. (Matthew 10:7, 11; 24:14; 28:19, 20) This preaching wey dem dey preach go soon stop because the end don dey near. This na the first time wey God dey gather people from everywhere for this world make dem come worship am as e want. (Revelation 7:9, 10) Correct Christian dey help theirself because dem be one family. For everywhere wey dem dey for this world, na the same thing dem dey learn from Bible for their Kingdom Hall.—Read Hebrews 10:24, 25.

 3. How Jehovah Witness people work take start?

From 1870 go reach 1875, some people wey dey learn Bible come dey see many many truth for Bible wey people don forget. Dem come remember sey Jesus don first send people make dem go preach. Na wetin make dem start to dey preach about God Kingdom for everywhere for this world. Na 1931 dem come start to dey call theirself Jehovah Witness.—Read Acts 1:8; 2:1, 4; 5:42.

4. How Jehovah Witness people take dey do their things?

For the time wey the apostle dem dey, na dem dey put eye for wetin dey happen for many congregation wey dey different different place. Dem know sey Jesus na their oga. (Acts 16:4, 5) Na so e be today, Jehovah Witness people dey learn from the people wey dem dey call Governing Body. This Governing Body dey control all the things wey dey happen for all the branch office. For all the office, dem dey translate, dey print and dey share all the book wey talk about Bible for language wey pass 700. So the Governing Body dey use Bible take help plenty congregation for everywhere for this world wey pass 100,000. For inside this congregation, e get people wey be elder. Na all this elder dem God dey use help people for the congregation.—Read 1 Peter 5:2, 3.

As the apostle dem do, Jehovah Witness people dey arrange theirself go preach from house to house. (Acts 20:20) We dey help people wey want really learn the truth wey dey Bible. We no just dey gather together because we want do something, but we dey see ourself as one family wey get one Papa. This Papa love us well well. All of us like ourself because we be brothers and sisters. (2 Thessalonians 1:3) As e be sey Jehovah people dey do things together make dem fit help people, na dem be the family wey dey happy pass for this world.—Read Psalm 33:12; Acts 20:35.