1, 2. (a) Which kind gift you dey see as better gift? (b) Wetin make Jesus sacrifice be the best gift?

WETIN be the best gift wey person don give you ­before? No be must sey e go be wetin dem take big money buy, before e go be better gift. You go happy well well if person dash you better thing or wetin you really need. No be so?

2 God don give us many things, but e get one wey we need pass other ones. Na im be the best thing wey God don ever give us. For this chapter, we go learn sey Jehovah send im Son Jesus Christ to come die for us, so that we go fit get life wey no go end. (Read Matthew 20:28.) As Jehovah send im Son Jesus come die for us, e show sey Jehovah really love us.


3. Why we dey die?

3 Na Jesus sacrifice Jehovah take save human being from sin and death. (Ephesians 1:7) Make we see ­wetin happen many many years ago for inside garden of Eden, so that we go know why we need God to save us. Our first papa and mama, wey be Adam and Eve, sin. As dem sin, dem come die. Na im make we self dey die because we don get sin from their hand.​—Check Endnote 9.

4. Who Adam be, and wetin be the better things wey God give am?

 4 The time wey Jehovah make Adam, e get one special thing wey e give am. E give Adam perfect life. Im mind complete finish and e no get comma for im body. E no go sick, e no go old, and e no go die. Jehovah be like Adam papa because na im make Adam. (Luke 3:38) Jehovah dey always follow Adam talk. God tell Adam everything wey e suppose know and wey e suppose do. E still give Adam better work wey go sweet am to do.​—Genesis 1:28-30; 2:16, 17.

5. Wetin Bible mean when e talk sey God make Adam ‘make e be like am’?

5 God make Adam ‘make e be like am.’ (Genesis 1:27) Na im make Adam get the kind character wey God get, like love, justice, wisdom and power. E still make Adam to fit choose wetin e go do. Adam no be like toy wey dem dey control with remote. So Adam get freedom to choose whether e go do good or bad. If to sey Adam choose to do wetin God talk, e for still dey for that paradise, e for no die.

6. Wetin Adam loss the time wey e sin? How e take affect us?

6 As Adam do wetin God sey make e no do, na im life e go take pay​—e must die. This price wey Adam pay no be small one. Adam and Jehovah no fit be the kind special friend wey dem be before. God pursue am ­comot for paradise and e no come get perfect life again. (Genesis 3:17-19) Adam and Eve open eye do ­wetin God sey make dem no do, so their own don finish be that. So because of wetin Adam do, ‘sin enter this world, and na that sin cause death, na im make ­everybody dey die because all of dem don sin.’  (Romans 5:12) When Adam sin, e sell imself and all of us to sin and death. (Romans 7:14) Any hope dey for us? Yes o! Hope dey.

7, 8. Wetin Jesus sacrifice be like?

7 Wetin Jesus sacrifice be like? Jesus sacrifice be like two things. (1) E be like the money wey person take buy back wetin e don first loss. (2) E be like wetin person pay wey get the same value wetin e dey owe another person.

8 As Adam sin drag all of us enter death, none of us no fit pay for the wahala wey Adam don put us. Na Jehovah come open way for us make we free from sin and death. Make we learn how Jesus sacrifice take dey work and how we fit gain from am.


9. Which kind person go fit buy us back?

9 None of us no go fit pay for the perfect life wey Adam throwey. Why? Na because all of us dey sin. (Psalm 49:7, 8) Na person wey no get sin at all, we need to come use im life buy us back. Na im make Jesus sacrifice be the correct sacrifice wey match with wetin Adam throwey. (1 Timothy 2:6) The person life wey go pay for Adam sin, suppose get the same value with the life wey Adam throwey.

10. How Jehovah take bring the person wey buy us back?

10 How Jehovah take bring the person wey buy us back? Jehovah send im only special Son come this earth. This im Son na Jesus, and na im God first make. (1 John 4:9, 10) Jesus ready to leave im Father and heaven where e dey stay. (Philippians 2:7)  Jehovah come send Jesus come this earth, dem born am as small pikin wey no get sin at all.​—Luke 1:35.

Jehovah send im special Son make e come die for our sin

11. How only one man fit take buy everybody back?

11 When Adam do wetin God sey make e no do, e loss the perfect life wey all human being suppose enjoy. As all Adam pikin dey die so, you think sey one man go fit save dem? Yes o! (Read Romans 5:19.) Jesus wey no get sin use im life pay for Adam sin. (1 Corinthians 15:45) Because Jesus die for us, Jehovah go comot death.​—1 Corinthians 15:21, 22.

12. Why e be sey Jesus suffer before e die?

12 Bible talk about how Jesus take suffer before e die. Dem flog am no be small, dem come nail am join pole make e dey die small small. This kind death dey pain well well. (John 19:​1, 16-​18, 30) Why Jesus suffer like this before e die? Na because, Satan talk sey nobody go serve God again if dem suffer the person well well. Jesus show sey person wey dey perfect no go leave God even though sey dem suffer am well well. Jehovah really happy for wetin Jesus do​—Proverbs 27:11; check Endnote 15.

13. How Jesus take pay for our sin?

13 How Jesus take pay for our sin? Jesus give God the value of im perfect life. For Nisan 14, 33 C.E., Jehovah allow Jesus enemy kill Jesus. (Hebrews 10:10) After three days, Jehovah bring Jesus back to life as spirit, no be as human being. But im life as human being no waste. When e go back to heaven, e come use the value of im perfect life pay for our sin. This one mean sey Jesus give Jehovah the right wey e get to live as perfect person for earth. Jehovah come accept am. Na that  right Jehovah go take free Adam children from sin and death. (Hebrews 9:24) Now wey Jesus don pay for our sin, we get hope sey we go free from sin and death.​—Read Romans 3:23, 24.


14, 15. Wetin we need to do so that God go forgive us?

14 We don gain well well from Jesus sacrifice. Make we see how we take dey gain now and how we go take gain for future.

15 God dey forgive us our sin. E no easy to dey do good things all the time. We dey make mistake and sometimes we dey talk and do wetin no good. (Colossians 1:13, 14) Wetin we go do so that God go forgive us? Make we show sey we no happy for the bad thing wey we do, and use all our mind beg Jehovah make e forgive us. If we do am, we dey sure sey Jehovah go forgive us.​—1 John 1:8, 9.

16. Wetin we go do so that we go get clean mind?

16 We go get clean mind. If we do bad thing, our mind go dey worry us, we fit even come dey feel sey we no get hope again. E good make we no stop to dey do good things. If we beg Jehovah make e forgive us, we dey sure sey e go hear our prayer, and e go forgive us. (Hebrews 9:13, 14) Jehovah want make we dey tell am all our problem and where we no dey do well. (Hebrews 4:14-16) This one go help us continue to be God friend.

17. Which hope we come get as Jesus die for us?

17 We get hope sey we go get life wey no go end. ‘Wetin sin dey pay na death, but God use Jesus Christ,  wey be our Lord, give us life wey no go end.’ (Romans 6:23) Because Jesus die for us, we go fit get life wey no go end, we go dey perfect. (Revelation 21:3, 4) But wetin we go do so that we go fit enjoy all this blessing?


18. How we take know sey Jehovah love us?

18 Think about how e dey do you for body when person give you fine gift. Jesus sacrifice na the best gift wey Jehovah don give us, so we suppose show sey we value am well well. John 3:16 talk sey: ‘God love this world well well sotey e come send im only special Son.’ Na true! Jehovah love us well well, na im make am give us im special Son Jesus make e come die for us. (John 15:13) Make this gift help you believe sey Jehovah and Jesus love you well well.​—Galatians 2:20.

As we dey learn about Jehovah, we go come be im friend and our love for am go dey strong more more

19, 20. (a) How you go take be Jehovah friend? (b) How you go take show sey you value Jesus sacrifice?

19 Now wey you don learn about God special love, how you go take be im friend? E no easy for you to love person wey you no know. John 17:3 talk sey we go fit know Jehovah. And as you dey do this one, your love for am go dey strong more more, you go want do wetin e want. You and am go come be friend. So continue to dey learn more about Jehovah as you dey study Bible.​—1 John 5:3.

20 Show sey you value Jesus sacrifice. Bible talk sey ‘the person wey dey show sey e get faith for the Son go get life wey no go end.’ (John 3:36) Wetin e mean for person to dey show sey e get faith? E mean sey we go dey do the things wey Jesus sey make we dey do. (John 13:15) No be just to dey talk sey: ‘I believe in Jesus.’  If we gree sey Jesus die for us, we must do wetin go show sey we get faith. James 2:26 talk sey: ‘Faith wey no dey show for wetin we dey do don die.’

21, 22. (a) Why e good make we dey go Memorial every year? (b) Wetin we go talk about for Chapter 6 and 7?

21 No dey miss Memorial. The night before dem kill Jesus, e teach us sey make we dey remember the day wey e die. Na every year we dey do am, and we dey call am Memorial or ‘the Lord evening food.’ (1 Corinthians 11:20; Matthew 26:26-28) Jesus want make we dey remember sey e use im perfect life save us. E talk sey: ‘Make una dey do like this to remember me.’ (Read Luke 22:19.) When you go Memorial, you dey show sey you remember sey Jesus die for you, and sey ­Jehovah and Jesus get special love for us.​—Check Endnote 16.

22 The best gift wey we fit get na Jesus sacrifice. (2 Corinthians 9:​14, 15) Plenty people wey don die go still gain from this Jesus sacrifice. For Chapter 6 and 7 we go learn how this one fit take happen.