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Wetin Bible Dey Teach Us?


Bible​—Book Wey Come From God

Bible​—Book Wey Come From God

1, 2. Wetin make Bible be better gift wey dey make us happy?

IF YOUR friend give you better gift wey you no expect, how you go feel? You go want open am quick quick, and you go happy sey your friend dey think about you. You go thank am well well.

2 Bible na better gift wey God give us. E dey help us know many things wey we no go fit learn for other book. For example, e tell us sey na God make heaven and earth, and the first man and woman wey be Adam and Eve. Plenty advice dey inside wey fit help us if we get problem. Bible tell us how God go take do all the things wey e get for mind to make this earth paradise. Bible na better gift wey dey make us happy.

3. Wetin you go learn as you dey study Bible?

3 As you dey study Bible, you go see sey God want make you be im friend. The more you dey learn about God, the more you and am go be tight friend.

4. From this paragraph, wetin you like about Bible?

4 Dem don translate Bible for different different language. E don even pass 2,800 language and e don pass one billion copy wey dem don print. For example, If dem share people wey dey this world into hundred, e pass 90 people wey get Bible for their own language. And every week, e pass one million people wey Bible dey reach their hand! The truth be sey no other book be like Bible.

5. Why we fit talk sey na God get Bible?

 5 ‘Na God spirit’ move people wey write Bible. (Read 2 Timothy 3:16.) But some people fit talk sey, ‘No be people write Bible?’ ‘So how e take come from God?’ Bible talk sey God use im holy spirit help dem know wetin dem go write. (2 Peter 1:21) E just be like when oga for work tell im boy make e help am write letter. Who you go talk sey get the letter? Na the boy own? No! Na the oga get am. Na so Bible still be, na God get Bible, no be the people wey e use write am. God direct dem make dem write wetin dey im mind. True true Bible na ‘God word.’​—1 Thessalonians 2:13; check Endnote 2.


6, 7. Why we talk sey everything wey dey Bible gree with each other?

6 E pass 1,600 years wey dem take write Bible. The people wey write Bible live for different different time. Some of dem go school and some no go. For example, one na doctor, some na farmer, fishermen, shepherd, prophet, judge, and king. Even if people wey write am plenty, all the part of Bible gree with each other. Bible no dey talk one thing for one side come change am for the other side. *

7 The first book for Bible talk about how wahala take start for this world. The last book tell us how God go take comot all the wahala wey dey this world come turn this earth to paradise. Bible talk about many many things wey don happen since human being don dey this earth, e still show sey God dey always do wetin e get for mind.

8. Give example wey show sey Bible correct for science matter.

8 Bible no be science text book and dem no write am to teach us science, but everything wey Bible talk about science matter correct finish. This one really show sey Bible come from God. For example, for Leviticus, God give Israel people law wey go help dem make dem no dey carry sickness anyhow. Dem don write am many many years before people know sey dirty and other things dey cause sickness. Bible no make mistake when e talk sey this earth no dey on top  anything. (Job 26:7) E get the time wey people think sey this earth flat, but Bible talk sey e round.​—Isaiah 40:22.

9. As the people wey write Bible talk true, wetin e help us know?

9 When Bible talk about wetin don happen before before, e dey always correct. Many book wey dey talk about wetin don happen before before no dey correct finish, because people wey write am fit no talk true. For example, dem no dey write when another people win dem for war. But people wey write Bible no be like that, dem even write the time wey other people win dem for war. Dem still write their own mistake. For example, Moses write the big mistake wey e make, and wetin God do am. (Numbers 20:​2-​12) As the people wey write Bible talk true, e make us know sey Bible come from God and we fit trust am.


10. Wetin make the advice for Bible still good for us today?

10 ‘Na God spirit dem take write wetin dey inside Bible. You fit use am teach the truth, show people their mistake, and correct mistake.’ (2 Timothy 3:​16) Na true, advice wey dey Bible fit help us even now. Jehovah know how e take make us, so e know how we dey think and how we dey feel. E know us pass as we take know ourself, and e want make we dey happy. E know wetin good for us and wetin no good for us.

11, 12. (a) For Matthew chapter 5 to 7 which advice Jesus give? (b) Wetin we fit still learn for Bible?

11 For Matthew chapter 5 go reach 7, Jesus give us good advice about wetin go make us happy, how we fit dey live well with people, how we go take dey pray,  and how to handle money. Na true sey e don reach 2000 years wey Jesus give this advice, but e still dey help us till today.

12 For Bible, Jehovah still teach us wetin we go do to make our family happy, to dey do our work well, and to dey make peace with people. Bible fit help us no matter who we be, where we dey stay or the kind wahala wey we dey face.​—Read Isaiah 48:17; check Endnote 3.


Isaiah talk am for Bible sey dem go take over Babylon

13. Wetin Isaiah talk sey go happen to Babylon?

13 Many things wey Bible talk sey go happen don already happen. For example, Isaiah talk sey dem go destroy Babylon. (Isaiah 13:19) And e talk how e go take happen. Babylon get big fence wey get gate and one big river surround am. But Isaiah talk sey the river go dry and the gate go dey open. The people wey go come destroy Babylon no go fight. Isaiah talk sey the name of the man wey go destroy Babylon, na Cyrus.​—Read Isaiah 44:27–45:2; check Endnote 4.

14, 15. How wetin Isaiah talk take happen?

14 After two hundred years wey Isaiah write sey dem go destroy Babylon, one man carry im army come Babylon. You know who the man be? As Isaiah talk, na Cyrus wey be Persia king. Now, everything don set to make wetin Isaiah talk happen.

15 The night wey Cyrus and im army attack Babylon, the people dey jolly dey do festival. All their mind be sey nothing dey happen, because dem get big fence, gate and big river surround dem. For outside Babylon, Cyrus and all im army come direct the  water for the river go another side make the water for go down. The water come go down sotey all the Persia army come fit take leg pass am. But how dem go take pass the fence? As Isaiah talk before, dem no close the gate, so the army come fit enter Babylon and take over am.

16. (a) Wetin Isaiah talk sey go happen to Babylon? (b) How we take know sey wetin Isaiah talk happen?

 16 Isaiah still talk sey nobody go ever live for Babylon again. E talk sey: ‘Dem no go ever live for there and nobody go stay there again forever.’ (Isaiah 13:20) E happen? Yes! Because if you go 80.5 kilometer from Baghdad, Iraq you go see how Babylon come be now. Till today, nobody dey live for Babylon. Jehovah destroy Babylon finish​—Isaiah 14:22, 23. *

See as Babylon be now

17. Why we dey sure sey God go do wetin e don promise?

17 As e be sey many things wey Bible talk don happen, this one show sey we fit trust wetin Bible talk sey go happen for front. We dey sure sey Jehovah go make this earth paradise as e don promise. (Read Numbers 23:19.) The truth be sey ‘God wey no go fit lie go  give us life wey no go end wey e don promise tey tey.’​—Titus 1:2. *


18. Wetin apostle Paul talk about ‘God word’?

18 We don learn sey no book be like Bible. Everything wey dey inside Bible gree with each other from beginning go reach the end. Anytime e talk about science matter or wetin don happen before, e dey always correct. Better better advice dey inside, and e talk many things wey don happen. No be only that one o! Apostle Paul talk for Bible sey: ‘God word dey alive and e get power.’ Wetin this one mean?​—Read Hebrews 4:12.

19, 20. (a) How Bible fit take help you know the kind person wey you be? (b) How you go take show sey you happy sey God give us Bible?

19 Bible fit change your life. E go help you know the kind person wey you really be and help you check yourself well so that you go fit do wetin Jehovah want. For example, we fit dey think sey we love God. But to show sey we really love am, we need to dey do wetin we dey learn for Bible.

20 True true, Bible come from God. E want make you dey read am, dey study am and love am. Make you dey happy sey God give you Bible, and continue to dey study am. That one go help you know wetin God get for mind for us. For the next chapter, we go learn wetin God get for mind for us.

^ par. 6 Some people believe sey all the chapter and verse for Bible no gree with each other, but no be true. Go check chapter 7 for the book The Bible​—God’s Word or Man’s? Na Jehovah Witness people print am.

^ par. 16 If you go like learn more about wetin Bible talk sey go happen, make you read page 27-29 for the book A Book for All People, na Jehovah Witness people print am.

^ par. 17 Wetin happen to Babylon na one of the things wey Bible talk sey go happen. You fit learn more about wetin Bible talk sey go happen about Jesus for Endnote 5.