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Wetin Bible Dey Teach Us?


Life Na Gift​—Value Am!

Life Na Gift​—Value Am!

1. Who give us life?

NA JEHOVAH ‘be the God wey dey alive.’ (Jeremiah 10:10) Na im make us, and na im give us life. Bible talk sey: ‘Na you make everything. Everything dey, because you want am like that.’ (Revelation 4:11) Na true, Jehovah want make we get life. Life na special gift from God.—Read Psalm 36:9.

2. If we want make our life better, wetin we go do?

2 Jehovah dey give us wetin we need to fit continue to dey live; e give us food and water. (Acts 17:28) But no be only that one o! E want make we enjoy life. (Acts 14:15-17) So, if we want make life better for us, we go dey do wetin God want.—Isaiah 48:17, 18.


3. Wetin Jehovah do when Cain kill Abel?

3 For Bible, we learn sey our life and other people own dey special for Jehovah eye. For example, when Cain dey vex for Abel, Jehovah warn Cain sey make e control im temper, but Cain no gree hear word. Cain come dey vex more more, this one come make am kill im brother Abel. (Genesis 4:3-8) Jehovah punish Cain because e kill im brother. (Genesis 4:9-11) So, e no good to dey vex anyhow and to hate person because e go make you wicked. And wicked person no go enter God Kingdom. (Read 1 John 3:15.) If we want make Jehovah happy, we must love everybody.—1 John 3:11, 12.

4. Wetin one law for inside the Ten Commandment teach us about life?

 4 After many years, Jehovah show sey the way e take value life never change. E show am when e give Moses the Ten Commandment. One of the law for inside the Ten Commandment sey: ‘Make you no kill.’ (Deuteronomy 5:17) If person open eye kill another person, dem go kill am.

5. How Jehovah dey feel when person comot belle?

5 How Jehovah dey feel when person comot belle? Pikin wey dey belle dey special for Jehovah eye, e value am well well! For the law wey Jehovah give Israel people, e tell dem sey if anybody hit woman wey get belle and the pikin come die, dem go kill the person wey hit the woman. (Read Exodus 21:22, 23; Psalm 127:3.) This one show sey to comot belle na bad thing.—Check Endnote 28.

6, 7. How we go take show Jehovah sey we value life?

6 Wetin you go do to show Jehovah sey you value your life and other people own? No dey do things wey go put your life or other people life for danger. This one mean sey we no go smoke and we no go take snuff, because dem go cause wahala for our body and dem fit kill us.

7 As God give us life and body, e good make we dey use am the way e want. So we need to dey treat our body well. If we no dey treat our body well, we go dirty for God eye. (Romans 6:19; 12:1; 2 Corinthians 7:1) Jehovah no go take our worship if the way we dey live our life dey show sey we no value life. Na true sey e no dey easy to comot hand for bad things, but if we try well well, Jehovah go help us.

8. Wetin we go do to make sure sey we no put our life and other people life for danger?

 8 Now, we don learn sey life na special gift. Jehovah trust us sey we go do wetin we don learn; we no go do wetin go put our life and other people life for danger. Some way wey we go take show sey we value life na, the way we take dey drive motor, ride machine or even bicycle. We no go do any sport wey go put our life for danger. (Psalm 11:5) Even for our house, we go make sure sey wetin fit cause wahala no dey. Jehovah tell Israel people sey if dem want build house, make dem put small fence round the roof, so that person no go fall from there, make blood no dey their head.—Deuteronomy 22:8.

9. How we suppose dey treat animal?

9 Even the way we take dey treat animal, dey important to Jehovah well well. Jehovah allow us to kill animal for food and cloth. Jehovah still allow us to kill animal wey fit cause wahala for us. (Genesis 3:21; 9:3; Exodus 21:28) But e no good to dey kill animal for nothing or for play play.—Proverbs 12:10.


10. How we take know sey na blood be life?

10 Blood dey holy for Jehovah eye because blood na life. After Cain kill Abel, Jehovah tell Cain sey: ‘Your brother blood dey cry to me from ground.’ (Genesis 4:10) Na Abel life Jehovah dey talk about, and Jehovah punish Cain because e kill im brother Abel. After the rain for Noah time, Jehovah still show sey blood na life. Jehovah allow Noah and im family make dem dey chop animal. E talk sey: ‘Una fit chop any animal wey dey alive. I don give dem to una the way I take give una  all the plant.’ But e get one thing wey e sey make dem no chop: ‘Na only the flesh una go chop, but make una no chop the blood.’—Genesis 1:29; 9:3, 4.

11. Which command God give Israel people about blood?

11 After about 800 years wey Jehovah tell Noah and im family sey make dem no chop blood, e still command Israel people sey: ‘If any Israel person or stranger for una land go find animal for bush, and e come catch bush meat or bird wey e go chop, make e pour the animal blood for ground and cover am with sand.’ E still talk sey: ‘Make una no ever eat the blood of any living thing.’ (Leviticus 17:13, 14) Jehovah want make we value blood the way e take value am. Israel people fit chop only the meat but no be the blood. If dem catch animal wey dem want chop, dem go comot the animal blood, pour am for ground, come take sand sand cover am.

12. How correct Christians take dey look blood?

12 Some years after Jesus die, the apostles and the elders for Jerusalem gather together. Dem meet to talk about the part of the Law wey Jehovah give Israel people wey still concern Christians. (Read Acts 15:28, 29; 21:25.) Jehovah help dem know sey e still value blood like before, and sey dem suppose value blood the way e value am. Na im make Christians that time no dey chop or drink blood. Dem no dey chop animal wey dem no comot the blood well when dem kill am. For their eye, e bad to chop blood just as e bad to put hand for juju or sex matter wey no clean for God eye. From that time, correct Christians no dey chop or drink blood. What of today? Jehovah still want make we value blood the way e value am.

13. Why correct Christians no dey gree make doctor give dem blood when dem dey sick?

 13 Wetin correct Christian go do when dem dey sick and doctor sey dem need blood? Dem no go gree make doctor put blood for their body. Jehovah don command us sey make we no chop or drink blood. Just imagine sey doctor sey make you no dey drink ogogoro again, you think sey e go better to dey use injection pump am put for body? No! Na the same thing with this blood matter. As God don command us sey make we no chop or drink blood, e still mean sey we no go put am for body when we dey sick.—Check Endnote 29.

14, 15. If doctor sey make we take blood, wetin we go do and why?

14 What if the doctor come talk sey you go die if you no gree take blood? Each person go choose whether e go do wetin God talk for blood matter. We value life as gift from God, so instead make we take blood, we go find another way to treat ourself.

15 Na true sey we no want dey sick. But we no go gree put blood for our body because Jehovah value blood and life well well. Wetin better pass na to do wetin Jehovah want no be to save our life. Jesus talk sey: ‘Anybody wey want save im life go lose am, but anybody wey lose im life because of me, go get am again.’ (Matthew 16:25) We want do wetin Jehovah talk because we love am. Jehovah know wetin better pass for us, so make we value life the way e value am.—Hebrews 11:6.

16. Why Jehovah people dey do wetin Jehovah want?

16 People wey dey serve Jehovah well ready to do wetin Jehovah talk about blood. Dem no dey chop  or drink blood or even gree make doctor put am for their body. * But dem go find another way to save their life. Dem know sey God know wetin better pass for dem. You believe sey e know wetin better pass for you?


17. Wetin be the only way Jehovah allow Israel people make dem use blood?

17 For the Law wey Jehovah give Moses, e tell Israel people sey: ‘The life of every living thing dey inside the blood, and I don give am, make una dey use am for sacrifice on top altar, so that una go fit get forgiveness for all una sin, because na the life wey dey inside the blood dey make una fit get forgiveness.’ (Leviticus 17:11) If Israel person sin, e go fit beg Jehovah make e forgive am. E go sacrifice animal and the priest go pour some of the animal blood for the altar wey dey the temple. This na the only way Jehovah allow Israel people to use blood.

18. Wetin we go gain from Jesus sacrifice?

18 When Jesus come this earth, e sacrifice im life or blood to free us from sin. Na im make dem stop to use animal do sacrifice. (Matthew 20:28; Hebrews 10:1) Jesus life get value well well, na im make Jehovah go fit give people wey do wetin e want life wey no go end.—John 3:16; Hebrews 9:11, 12; 1 Peter 1:18, 19.

How you go take show sey you value life and blood?

19. Wetin we go do make people blood no dey our head?

 19 We dey happy and thank God for the life wey e give us! So make we dey tell people sey if dem get faith for Jesus, dem go get life wey no go end. As e be sey we love people, we go dey do everything wey we fit do to teach dem wetin dem need to do so that dem go get life wey no go end. (Ezekiel 3:17-21) This one go make us fit be like apostle Paul wey talk sey people blood no dey im head because e tell dem all the things wey God get for mind. (Acts 20:26, 27) The truth be sey, when we tell people about Jehovah and how Jehovah take value life, we dey show sey we value life and blood.

^ par. 16 If you want know more about this matter go check page 77-79 for this book: “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love.” Na Jehovah Witness people print am.