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Wetin Bible Dey Teach Us?


Wetin You Go Do If You Want Be God Friend?

Wetin You Go Do If You Want Be God Friend?

1, 2. Which people be Jehovah friend?

WHICH kind person you want make e be your friend? Na person wey you like, person wey you and am dey flow well, person wey get the kind better character wey you dey like.

2 Jehovah choose some people to be im friend. For example, Abraham na one of Jehovah friend. (Isaiah 41:8; James 2:23) Jehovah still like David. E talk sey David na person wey dey do wetin dey sweet am. (Acts 13:22) And prophet Daniel na special person for Jehovah eye.​—Daniel 9:23.

3. Wetin Abraham, David and Daniel do wey make dem Jehovah friend?

3 Wetin Abraham, David and Daniel do wey make dem be Jehovah friend? Jehovah tell Abraham sey: ‘You don do wetin I tell you.’ (Genesis 22:18) Anybody wey dey do wetin Jehovah want fit be im friend. Even everybody for this world fit be Jehovah friend. Jehovah tell Israel people sey: ‘Do wetin I talk, so that I go be una God, and una go be my people.’ (Jeremiah 7:23) So if you want be Jehovah friend, e mean sey you go dey do wetin Jehovah talk.


4, 5. How Jehovah take dey protect im friends?

4 Bible talk sey Jehovah dey find different different way to ‘support the people wey dey use all their mind serve am.’ (2 Chronicles 16:9) For Psalm 32:8, Jehovah promise im friends sey: ‘I go give you deep sense and teach you the  road to follow. My eye go dey look you as I dey give you advice.’

5 We get one enemy wey get power well well, and e no want make we be God friend. But Jehovah ready to protect us. (Read Psalm 55:22.) Because we be Jehovah friend, we dey use all our mind serve am. Even when things hard, we go still dey serve Jehovah well. And we go be like the person wey talk for the book of Psalm sey: ‘I no go ever shake, because Jehovah dey my right hand side.’ (Psalm 16:8; 63:8) Wetin Satan dey do to stop us, so that we no go be Jehovah friend?


6. Wetin Satan talk about human being?

6 For Chapter 11 we learn wetin Satan talk about Jehovah. E talk sey Jehovah dey lie, and sey e no good as Jehovah no let Adam and Eve choose wetin dem want take their life do by theirself. For the book of Job, we still learn wetin Satan talk about anybody wey want be Jehovah friend. E talk sey human being no dey serve God because dem love am, e sey na because of the things wey we want make God do for us na im make we dey serve God. Satan even talk sey e fit make anybody stop to dey serve Jehovah. Make we see wetin we fit learn from Job and how Jehovah take protect am..

7, 8. (a) Who be Job? (b) Wetin Satan talk about am?

7 Who be Job? Job na one good man wey live for this earth around 3,600 years ago. For Job time, Jehovah talk sey nobody be like Job for the whole earth. Job dey respect Jehovah well well, and e hate anything wey bad. (Job 1:8) True true, Job na God friend.

8 Satan talk sey Job dey serve God because of wetin e dey gain from God hand. Satan tell Jehovah sey: ‘No be  you put something around am to protect am, im house and everything wey e get? You don bless im work and im animal don full the whole land. But, change things for am, stretch your hand, strike everything wey e get, and you go see sey e go curse you for your front.’​—Job 1:10, 11.

9. Wetin Jehovah allow Satan do to Job?

9 Satan talk sey na only because of wetin Jehovah dey give Job, na im make Job dey serve am. E still talk sey e fit do wetin go make Job stop to dey serve Jehovah. Jehovah know sey Satan dey lie, but e still allow am test Job, so that Satan go see sey Job no dey serve God because of wetin e dey gain from im hand, but na because of the love wey e get for Jehovah.


10. How Satan take attack Job?

10 The first thing wey Satan do be sey, e finish all the animal wey Job get. E come kill some of Job servant. Satan destroy everything wey Job get. The last one wey Satan come do be sey e kill all the ten children wey Job get, na one strong breeze e take kill all of dem. But Job no leave Jehovah. ‘As everything happen, Job no sin, e no blame God sey God do am bad.’​—Job 1:12-19, 22.

Jehovah bless Job because Job no leave am even when things hard

11. (a) Wetin be another thing wey Satan do Job? (b) But wetin Job do?

11 Satan no stop for there o. E come tell Jehovah sey: ‘Take your hand touch am for im body and im bone, and you go see sey e go curse you for your front.’ Satan come put one bad sickness wey dey pain well well for Job body. (Job 2:5, 7) Satan really show Job pepper, but Job no still leave Jehovah. E even talk sey: ‘Until I die, I no go stop to dey serve Jehovah!’​—Job 27:5.

12. Wetin Job do wey show sey everything wey Satan talk na lie?

12 Job no know wetin happen between Jehovah and  Satan, e no know why e dey suffer. E even think sey na Jehovah dey punish am. (Job 6:4; 16:11-14) But even though sey Job no know why e dey suffer, e no leave Jehovah. Job really show sey e no dey serve Jehovah because of wetin e dey gain from im hand, but na because of the love wey e get for Jehovah. E clear sey everything wey Satan don talk about Job na lie!

13. As Job no leave Jehovah, wetin Jehovah come do for am?

13 Even as Job no know wetin happen for heaven, e no leave Jehovah. The things wey Job suffer for Satan hand really show sey Satan wicked. Jehovah bless Job because Job no leave am even when things hard.​—Job 42:12-17.


14, 15. Wetin be the lie wey Satan don talk about everybody wey dey serve Jehovah?

14 Better lesson dey wey we fit learn from Job story. For this our time, Satan still talk sey we dey serve Jehovah because of the things wey we dey gain for Jehovah hand. For Job 2:4, Satan talk sey: ‘Na everything wey person get e go give to take save im life.’ So no be only Job o, Satan dey talk about every human being. Many years after Job don die, Satan still dey insult Jehovah and e still dey talk lie about the people wey dey serve Jehovah. For Proverbs 27:11, Jehovah talk sey: ‘My pikin, show sey you get sense and my mind go sweet so that I go fit answer the person wey dey insult me.’

15 You fit show sey na lie Satan dey talk if you choose to do wetin Jehovah want and if you no leave Jehovah even when things hard. Even if e mean sey you go change many things for your life, change am, because e no get anything wey better pass to be God friend! This one na serious matter. Satan don talk sey if you get problem, you  no go gree serve God again, sey you go run leave am. E dey try use cunning cunning make us leave Jehovah. How e take dey do am?

16. (a) Which style Satan dey use to make people stop to dey serve Jehovah? (b) Wetin Satan fit do if e want make you stop to serve Jehovah?

16 Satan get different different style wey e dey use to stop us so that we no go be God friend. E dey attack people ‘like lion wey dey hungry, wey dey find person wey e go chop.’ (1 Peter 5:8) If your friends, your family member or some other people tell you sey make you no study Bible again, or if dem tell you sey make you no do wetin you know sey na the correct thing to do, no let am surprise you. You fit dey feel like sey dem dey attack you. * (John 15:19, 20) Satan still dey pretend like sey im na ‘angel wey like truth.’ So e fit use cunning cunning make us stop to dey do wetin Jehovah want. (2 Corinthians 11:14) Another style wey Satan dey use na to dey make us think sey we no good reach for God eye and we no fit serve God well the way e want.​—Proverbs 24:10.


17. Why we dey do wetin Jehovah talk?

17 Anytime wey we do wetin Jehovah talk, we dey show sey wetin Satan talk na lie. Wetin go help us dey do the things wey Jehovah talk? Bible talk sey: ‘You must use your whole mind, your whole body and your whole power take love Jehovah wey be your God.’ (Deuteronomy 6:5) We  dey do wetin Jehovah talk because we love am. As the love wey we get for Jehovah dey grow, we go want do everything wey e tell us sey make we do. Apostle John talk sey: ‘If we really want show sey we love God, we go do everything wey e talk, and the truth be sey, wetin e want make we do no too hard.’​—1 John 5:3.

18, 19. (a) Wetin be some things wey Jehovah sey make we no dey do? (b) How we take know sey Jehovah no dey tell us sey make we do wetin pass our power?

18 But wetin be some things wey Jehovah don tell us sey make we no do? Some of dem dey inside the box wey the topic na “ Hate Wetin Jehovah Hate.” You fit dey think sey some of dem no too bad. But when you read the Bible verse wey dem write under am and when you think about am well well, you go understand why e good to dey follow Jehovah law. You fit even see some things wey you suppose change for your life. Na true sey sometimes, e dey  hard to change some kind things, but if you change dem, you go happy and you go enjoy the kind peace wey Jehovah friend dey get. (Isaiah 48:17, 18) Wetin make us know sey we fit change some kind things wey don master us?

19 Jehovah no dey ever tell us sey make we do something wey e know sey we no go fit do. (Deuteronomy 30:11-14) Jehovah na better friend, and e even know us pass as we know ourself. E know wetin we fit do and wetin we no fit do. (Psalm 103:14) Apostle Paul tell us sey: ‘God no dey fail, e no go let anything wey pass una power tempt una, and even if anything dey tempt una, e go help una make una fit bear am.’ (1 Corinthians 10:13) We dey sure sey Jehovah go give us power so that we go fit dey do the correct thing. E go give you ‘power wey pass normal power’ so that when things hard, you go fit bear am. (2 Corinthians 4:7) Paul don face many things wey hard am well well for im life, and e see as Jehovah take dey help am, na im make e  fit talk sey: ‘For everything, I dey get power from the person wey dey give me power.’​—Philippians 4:13.


20. Which kind character you suppose copy, and why?

20 If we want be Jehovah friend, we must stop to dey do everything wey Jehovah sey make we no do. But another thing still dey wey we go do. (Romans 12:9) Jehovah friend dey love the things wey e love. Those things dey for Psalm 15:1-5. (Read am.) Jehovah friend dey copy im character and dem dey show ‘love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.’​—Galatians 5:22, 23.

21. Wetin you go do if you want dey show the kind character wey God like?

21 Wetin you go do if you want dey show this kind better better character? You go dey read Bible everyday and you go dey study am so that you go fit know the things wey Jehovah like. (Isaiah 30:​20, 21) As you dey do all this things, the love wey you get for Jehovah go dey strong more more, and as the love dey grow, e go dey move you to do wetin Jehovah want.

22. If you do wetin Jehovah talk, wetin go happen?

22 As you want change some things for your life, e just be like when you dey pull old cloth comot from your body, come wear new one. Bible talk sey make you ‘pull the old character comot from your body’ and make you ‘wear the new character like cloth.’ (Colossians 3:9, 10) Na true sey e fit no easy, but when we do wetin Jehovah talk, e promise us sey we go ‘gain well well.’ (Psalm 19:11) So, make you do wetin Jehovah talk and show sey wetin Satan talk na lie. Serve Jehovah because of the love wey you get for am, no be because of wetin e don promise to give us for paradise. Na that time you go be God friend!

^ par. 16 This one no mean sey na Satan dey control the people wey tell you sey make you no study Bible. But na Satan be ‘the god of this world,’ and ‘na im be the person wey dey control the whole world.’ So e no dey suppose surprise us when some people dey try do wetin go make us stop to serve Jehovah.​—2 Corinthians 4:4; 1 John 5:19.