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Jehovah Witness People

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Wetin Bible Dey Teach Us?




God name na Jehovah, and e mean sey “E Dey Make Anything Be.” Na Jehovah get power pass, and na im make everything for heaven and earth. E get power to do anything wey e want do.

For Hebrew language, na four letter dem take dey write God name. For English, the four letter na YHWH or JHVH. When dem write Bible, e nearly reach 7,000 times wey God name show for the part wey dem use Hebrew language write. People for different different place dey use God name, but dem dey call am as e be for their language.

Chap. 1, par. 15


Na true sey God use human being write Bible, but the message wey dey inside na God own, no be their own. For example, oga wey get big company fit tell im worker sey make e write letter and still tell am wetin e go write. Na holy spirit God take direct people wey write Bible so that dem go fit write wetin dey im mind. Na different different way God take direct dem. Sometimes e make dem see vision or dream about wetin e want make dem write.

Chap. 2, par. 5


This one na things wey dey Bible wey fit help us choose the correct thing to do. For example, for Bible, we learn sey ‘bad friend dey spoil good character.’ This one teach us sey the kind people wey we dey follow fit make us better person, or bad person. (1 Corinthians 15:33) And another one be sey, ‘anything wey person plant, na im e  go harvest.’ This one teach us sey anything wey we do, go still come land for our head.—Galatians 6:7.

Chap. 2, par. 12


This one fit be wetin Bible talk sey God get for mind, wetin God want make we learn, wetin e want make we do, or wetin e talk sey go happen to bad people. E fit still be wetin go happen for front. Many things wey God talk, don already happen.

Chap. 2, par. 13


All the things wey Bible talk about Messiah, happen to Jesus. Check the box wey be “ Wetin Bible Talk About the Messiah.”

Chap. 2, par. 17, ftn.


Jehovah make this earth to be paradise. E make am for people wey love am. Wetin God get for mind never change. Small time, God go comot all the bad people, and im people go live forever.

Chap. 3, par. 1


Satan na the first angel wey turn imself to God enemy. Dem dey call am Satan because e dey always do opposite of wetin Jehovah want. Dem still dey call am Devil because e dey always talk wicked lie about Jehovah, and dey deceive people.

Chap. 3, par. 4


Jehovah make angels tey tey before e make this earth. And dem dey stay with am for heaven. Angels wey God make pass hundred million. (Daniel 7:10) All of dem get name and dem get different different character. Angels wey dey use all their mind worship God no gree make human being worship dem. Their level no be the same, and their work dey different different. Some of dem dey work for front of Jehovah throne, dey go message, dey protect and direct God servant for this earth, dey punish wicked people, and dey support our preaching work. (Psalm 34:7; Revelation 14:6; 22:8, 9) For the war wey Bible call Armageddon, angels go join Jesus fight all God enemy.—Revelation 16:14, 16; 19:14, 15.

Chap. 3, par. 5; Chap. 10, par. 1


Anything wey person dey think about or dey do, wey Jehovah hate, na sin. When we sin, we no go be Jehovah friend again. Na im make Jehovah don give us law and dey teach us things wey go help us comot hand for sin. When Jehovah make everything, e good finish. But when Adam and Eve do wetin Jehovah sey make dem no do, things come spoil. Dem come old, and later die. Because sey we be their children, we dey sin, dey old, and still dey die.

Chap. 3, par. 7; Chap. 5, par. 3


This na the war wey God go take destroy this wicked world and all the bad people.

Chap. 3, par. 13; Chap. 8, par. 18


God Kingdom na government wey Jehovah don form for heaven. Na Jesus Christ be King for that Kingdom. For front, Jehovah go use this im Kingdom comot all the bad things wey dey happen now. And God Kingdom go rule this earth.

Chap. 3, par. 14


Na Jesus God first make before e make other things. Jehovah send Jesus come this earth come die for all of us. When dem kill Jesus, Jehovah later bring am come back to life. And now Jesus dey rule for heaven as the King for God Kingdom.

Chap. 4, par. 2


Bible talk when Jesus go become Messiah. E talk sey na after the 69 weeks. This 69 weeks start for the year 455 B.C.E. and e end for the year 29 C.E.

How we take know sey na 29 C.E. the 69 weeks end? The 69 weeks start for 455 B.C.E. when Nehemiah reach Jerusalem, come start to dey build the city again. (Daniel 9:25; Nehemiah 2:1, 5-8) As the word “dozen” dey make us remember “12,” na so “week” dey make us remember 7 days. The week wey Bible dey talk about no be ordinary seven days, but na seven years because one day mean one year. (Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6) If one week na seven years, 69 weeks go come be 483 years (69 x 7). So if we count 483 years from 455 B.C.E., e go carry us go 29 C.E. Na exactly this year Jesus baptize come be Messiah!—Luke 3:1, 2, 21, 22.

 Bible still talk about one extra week wey be seven years. For inside this “one week,” dem go kill Jesus for the year 33 C.E. And for the starting of the year 36 C.E., the good news go reach people for all the nation, no be only Jew people.—Daniel 9:24-27.

Chap. 4, par. 7


For Bible, we learn sey na Jehovah make everything, and sey e make Jesus before e make other things. (Colossians 1:15, 16) No be Jesus be the Almighty God. And e never ever come im mind sey im and God na mate. Na im make am talk sey: ‘My Father big pass me.’ (John 14:28; 1 Corinthians 15:28) But some religion dey teach people sey God na three in one: The Father, the Son, and the holy spirit. E no get anywhere for Bible wey describe God like this. This thing wey all this religion dey teach people na big lie.

Holy spirit na the power wey Jehovah take dey work. Na holy spirit God take dey do anything wey e get for mind to do. Holy spirit no be person. For example, Bible talk sey ‘holy spirit enter’ Christians for apostle time. Jehovah even talk sey im go pour some of im spirit on top all kind of people.’—Acts 2:1-4, 17.

Chap. 4, par. 12; Chap. 15, par. 17


Why correct Christian no dey use cross?

  1.  E don tey wey fake religion dey use cross. Before Jesus come this earth, people dey use cross worship some things wey dey this earth. And dem still dey use cross for sex worship. Three hundred years after Jesus die, Christians no use cross worship God. Later later, Emperor Constantine sey make Christians start to use cross. Dem start to use cross so that people wey no dey serve God go start to go church. The truth be sey nothing concern Jesus concern cross. The book wey be New Catholic Encyclopedia talk sey people don dey use cross before Jesus come this earth, and sey na people wey no be Christian dey use am.

  2.    Jesus no die on top cross. The Greek word wey dem translate as “cross” mean “pole,” “big long wood,” or “tree.” The Companion Bible talk sey the part wey dem use Greek write [New Testament], no talk anything about two big wood. This one show sey Jesus no die for cross, na on top pole dem nail am put.

  3.  Jehovah no want make we dey use image, or anything worship am.—Exodus 20:4, 5; 1 Corinthians 10:14.

Chap. 5, par. 12


Jesus command im disciples sey make dem dey remember im death. The date for this Memorial na Nisan 14, and na the same date wey Israel people dey do their Passover. Dem go carry bread and wine pass everybody front. The bread mean Jesus body and the wine mean im blood, and na only people wey go follow Jesus rule for heaven dey eat and drink am. People wey their hope na to live forever for this earth dey go the Memorial, but dem no go chop the bread or drink the wine.

Chap. 5, par. 21


When dem dey talk about “soul” for New World Translation Bible, e fit mean (1) person, (2) animal, or (3) person life or animal life. See some example:

  • Person. ‘For Noah time na only eight people [soul] no die when the rain fall.’ (1 Peter 3:20) For here “soul” mean people—Noah and im wife, their three children, and their wife.

  •  Animal. ‘God come talk sey: “Make many things wey get life [“soul,” footnote] full water and make animal wey dey fly, begin fly for up.’ God come sey: ‘Make many things wey get life [“soul,” footnote] full the earth, make different different animal dey, the one wey go stay with people, the one wey go dey bush and other animal. Make all of dem produce.’ And e happen like that.—Genesis 1:20, 24.

  • Person life or animal life. Jehovah tell Moses sey: ‘All the people wey be want kill you [take your soul, footnote] for there don die finish.’ (Exodus 4:19) When Jesus dey this earth, e talk sey: ‘I be better shepherd and better shepherd ready to die [give im soul, footnote] for im sheep dem.’—John 10:11.

    Another thing be sey, if dem sey person do something with all im soul, e mean sey e use all im mind do am. (Matthew 22:37; Deuteronomy 6:5) Dem fit still use “soul” talk about person or animal wey too like food or get long throat. And when person die, dem fit call am dead soul.—Numbers 6:6; Proverbs 23:2; Isaiah 56:11; Haggai 2:13.

Chap. 6, par. 5; Chap. 15, par. 17


The Hebrew word wey dem translate to “spirit” for New World Translation Bible, fit mean different different things. And na wetin we no fit see. E fit be breeze or air wey human being and animal dey breathe. Angels na spirit, and even holy spirit wey be the power wey Jehovah take dey work still be spirit. Bible no teach us sey something dey comot for person body when e die.—Exodus 35:21; Psalm 104:29; Matthew 12:43; Luke 11:13.

Chap. 6, par. 5; Chap. 15, par. 17


Gehenna na one place wey dey near Jerusalem, and na there dem dey burn dirty. Nothing for Bible show sey for Jesus time, dem dey trowey person or animal wey never die for there, make e burn. So Gehenna no be place where dem go dey burn bad people wey don die forever and ever. When Jesus talk about people wey dem trowey inside Gehenna, e dey talk about people wey God no go bring come back to life again, their own don finish.—Matthew 5:22; 10:28.

Chap. 7, par. 20


Na this prayer Jesus take teach im disciples how to pray. Dem still dey call am Our Father prayer. For example Jesus sey make we dey pray like this:

  • ‘Make your name dey holy’

    We dey pray make Jehovah clear all the lie wey people don take rub im name, so that everybody for heaven and earth go respect God name well well.

  • ‘Make your Kingdom come’

    We dey pray make God come use im Kingdom destroy this Satan wicked world, make the Kingdom come dey rule this earth and change am to paradise.

  • ‘Make wetin you get for mind for this earth happen’

    We dey pray make wetin God get for mind for this earth happen so that people wey do wetin God want go dey perfect, and live forever for paradise just the way Jehovah want make e be when e make this earth.

Chap. 8, par. 2


Na Jesus sacrifice Jehovah go take save us from sin and death. Na only that sacrifice fit save us because, Jesus perfect life fit buy the perfect life wey Adam trowey. Na im fit make us be Jehovah friend again. God send Jesus come this earth to die for all of us because we be sinner. Because Jesus die for us, we go fit get perfect life for paradise and live forever.

Chap. 8, par. 21; Chap. 9, par. 13


Wetin dey Daniel chapter 4 help us know sey God form im Kingdom for 1914.

Wetin go happen for future: Jehovah make king Nebuchadnezzar dream about one big tree wey dem cut down. For the dream, e still see sey dem use iron and copper take tie the tree make e no grow until ‘seven times’ complete. After the ‘seven times’ don pass, the tree go grow again.—Daniel 4:1, 10-16.

Wetin we go gain from am: The tree mean the Kingdom wey God take dey rule im people. Jehovah use different different king for Jerusalem take rule Israel people for many years. (1 Chronicles 29:23) But when the king dem start to dey do wetin God no want, God come comot the kingdom from their hand. Na for the year 607 B.C.E. dem destroy Jerusalem and na that time the ‘seven times’ start. (2 Kings 25:1, 8-10; Ezekiel 21:25-27) When Jesus talk sey ‘people from another place go march Jerusalem reach ground until the time wey dem give the people don complete,’ e dey talk about the ‘seven times.’ (Luke 21:24) So this ‘seven times’ no end when Jesus dey this earth. Jehovah don promise sey e go choose new king when the ‘seven times’ end. When Jesus wey be the new King start to rule this earth, God people go enjoy im blessing forever.—Luke 1:30-33.

 How many years be this ‘seven times’?: Na 2,520 years. So if we count 2,520 years from the year 607 B.C.E, e go end for 1914. Na that year Jehovah make Jesus wey be the Messiah, King, for im Kingdom wey dey heaven.

How we take get 2,520? Bible talk sey three and the half times na 1,260 days. (Revelation 12:6, 14) So ‘seven times’ go be 2,520 days. That 2,520 days mean 2,520 years because Bible talk sey ‘one day mean one year.’—Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6.

Chap. 8, par. 23


This word ‘chief angel’ mean ‘leader of all other angel.’ Bible talk sey na only one chief angel dey, and im name na Michael.​—Daniel 12:1; Jude 9.

Na Michael be the leader of all the angel. Revelation 12:7 talk sey: ‘Michael and im angel dem fight with the dragon and im angels.’ The book of Revelation talk sey na Jesus be the leader of the angel wey be God army. Na Michael be Jesus other name.—Revelation 19:14-16.

Chap. 9, par. 4


This word describe the time wey different different serious things go dey happen for this earth, before God go destroy Satan world. When Bible sey ‘the end don dey near,’ and ‘the time wey Son of man go dey around,’ na still last days e dey talk about. (Matthew 24:3, 27, 37) ‘Last days’ start when God Kingdom start to dey rule for heaven for 1914, and e go end when God go destroy Satan wicked world for Armageddon.—2 Timothy 3:1; 2 Peter 3:3.

Chap. 9, par. 5


God go bring people wey don die come back to life. Na nine times this kind thing happen for Bible. Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, Peter, and Paul bring people wey die come back to life. Na God give dem power to do this kind miracle. Jehovah promise sey e go bring ‘people wey dey righteous and people wey no dey righteous’ come life again. (Acts 24:15) Bible still talk about people wey God go bring back to life and carry dem go heaven. This one go happen when God go bring the people wey e don choose or anoint, come life again to live with Jesus for heaven.—John 5:28, 29; 11:25; Philippians 3:11; Revelation 20:5, 6.

Chap. 9, par. 13


This one na when person dey put hand for demon matter, or dey try to talk to demons. Some people dey talk to demons direct, and some people dey go meet native doctor or other people wey fit follow demon talk. People dey follow demon talk because dem believe sey if person die e go turn to spirit or ghost wey get power. This one na big lie, demons dey use am deceive people to do wetin God hate. Dem dey make people believe sey things wey dey heaven, like stars dey control our life. Some people dey do things wey go help dem know wetin go happen for front. Some people dey do magic, some na witch, some dey run from things like black cat because dem believe sey e go cause bad thing for dem. Dem dey join cult, and some dey do wetin pass ordinary hand. Satan and im demons dey use things like this take dey deceive people. Many book, magazine, films, drama, music and even advertisement paper dey make people think sey to waka with demons no mean anything. Satan  and im demons get hand for some tradition. Some of this tradition na sacrifice wey dem dey do for person wey don die, burial ceremony, burial anniversary, tradition wey dem dey tell person wey im husband or wife don die make e do, and wake keeping. Many people dey use medicine when dem dey try to follow or talk to demons.—Galatians 5:20; Revelation 21:8.

Chap. 10, par. 10; Chap. 16, par. 4


Na Jehovah be the God wey get power pass, and na im make everything. (Revelation 15:3) Na im make us fit talk sey na im get everything and e get the right to rule the things wey e make. (Psalm 24:1; Isaiah 40:21-23; Revelation 4:11) E put law for everything wey e make so that dem go work well. Jehovah get the right to choose people wey go rule. If we love Jehovah and dey obey am, e show sey we dey support im right to rule.—1 Chronicles 29:11.

Chap. 11, par. 10


Some people dey open eye comot belle to kill pikin. This one mean sey the belle no comot by imself. But pikin wey dey inside im mama belle na human being, no matter how e small reach. So anybody wey comot belle don kill person.

Chap. 13, par. 5


Blood get four main part wey dem dey call plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. When person put blood for body, this one mean sey the person don take  one part or the four part of blood. E fit be from another person, or the one wey dem keep.

Chap. 13, par. 13


When Bible talk about correction, e no just dey talk about punishment. To correct person na to tell am the correct thing, help am know wetin e no know before, and to help am know the correct thing wey e suppose do. Jehovah dey use better mind correct person. (Proverbs 4:1, 2) Jehovah show better example wey papa and mama fit copy. Jehovah sabi correct person well. The way e take dey correct person fit even make the person come like correction. (Proverbs 12:1) Jehovah love im people well well and e dey train dem. E dey teach dem to correct wetin dem get for mind. That one dey help dem think well and do things wey go make Jehovah happy. So if papa and mama want correct their pikin, e good make dem help the pikin know why e suppose dey obey. Dem go teach their pikin to love Jehovah, and im Word. Dem go still help dem understand things wey dey for Bible wey dey help us choose well.

Chap. 14, par. 13


Who be the demons? Dem be bad angels, and we no fit see dem because dem be spirit. Dem wicked well well. We no fit use our power compare their own because dem get power pass us well well. Dem make theirself to be God enemy when dem disobey am. (Genesis 6:2; Jude 6) Dem join Satan sin against Jehovah.—Deuteronomy 32:17; Luke 8:30; Acts 16:16; James 2:19.

Chap. 16, par. 4