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This World Go Soon End?

This World Go Soon End?

1. If we want know wetin go happen for future, where we go fit learn am?

YOU don ever watch, or listen to news wey make you talk sey, ‘Where this world dey go self?’ The way bad things take dey happen this days, dey make people think sey this world go soon end. Na true sey this world go soon end? We fit know wetin go happen for front? Yes, we fit. Na true sey human being no fit know ­wetin go happen for front, but Jehovah get the power to know. For Bible, Jehovah tell us how our life and this earth go be for future.​—Isaiah 46:10; James 4:14.

2, 3. Wetin Jesus disciple want know, and how Jesus take answer dem?

2 Bible talk about the end of this world, wetin that one mean? No be the end of this earth e dey talk o, na the end of wicked people. Jesus teach people sey God Kingdom go rule this earth. (Luke 4:43) Jesus disciple want know the time wey God Kingdom go come, na im make dem ask Jesus sey: ‘Which time all this things go happen, and wetin we go see wey go make us know sey you don dey around, and sey the end don dey near?’ (Matthew 24:3) Jesus no give dem date, but e tell dem wetin go happen before this world go end. Wetin Jesus talk sey go happen dey happen now.

3 For this chapter, we go talk about different different things wey make us believe sey this world go soon  end. We go first talk about one war wey dem fight for heaven, this one go help us understand why bad bad things full this earth.


4, 5. (a) Wetin happen for heaven after God make Jesus King? (b) As Revelation 12:12 talk, wetin go happen for this earth after dem throw Satan come down?

4 For Chapter 8 we learn sey na 1914 God make Jesus King for heaven. (Daniel 7:13, 14) For Revelation, Bible tell us wetin come happen: ‘War start for heaven: Michael [wey be Jesus], and im angels fight with the dragon [Satan], and the dragon with im angels still fight dem.’ * Jesus win the war, e come pursue Satan and im demons come this earth. Just imagine how the angels go dey happy for heaven! But what of the people wey dey this earth? Bible talk sey trouble don come meet dem. Why? Because Satan dey vex well well, ‘e know sey na small time remain for am.’​—Revelation 12:7, 9, 12.

5 Devil dey cause all the trouble wey e fit cause for this earth. E dey vex because e know sey na small time remain for God to destroy am. Make we see wetin Jesus talk sey go happen for the last days.​—Check Endnote 24.


6, 7. Wetin war and hunger dey cause for this our time?

6 War. Jesus talk sey: ‘Country go fight country, and kingdom go fight kingdom.’ (Matthew 24:7) People wey don die for war for this our time, plenty pass  people wey die for all the war wey don happen before our time. One organization wey dey put eye for matter wey concern wetin dey happen for the world talk sey, since 1914, e don pass 100 million ­people wey don die for war. From the year 1900 go reach the year 2000, na 100 years. For this 100 years, the people wey die for war pass times three of all the people wey don die for war for the past 1,900 years, before the year 1900. Just think about the kind things wey plenty people dey suffer because of war!

7 Hunger. Jesus talk sey: ‘Food no go plenty again.’ (Matthew 24:7) Even as people dey produce food now pass before, many people no still dey see food chop belleful. Why? Because the money wey dem get no reach to buy food or land wey dem go plant the food. E pass one billion people wey dey use small money manage their life everyday. World Health Organization talk sey the children wey dey die every  year pass 1 million, why dem dey die? Because dem no dey see better food chop.

8, 9. How we take know sey wetin Jesus talk about earthquake and disease don really happen?

8 Earthquake (Ground go dey shake open). Jesus talk sey earthquake go dey happen. (Luke 21:11) Strong strong earthquake dey happen every year. Since the year 1900, people wey don die for earthquake don pass two million. Na true sey people fit use computer know the time wey earthquake go happen, but many people still dey die.

9 Disease. Jesus still talk sey disease go full everywhere. Bad bad disease dey spread and e dey kill people anyhow. (Luke 21:11) Na true sey doctors sabi treat many sickness, but e still get some wey dem no fit cure. One report even talk sey every year, e pass 1 million people wey dey die because of tuberculosis, malaria and cholera. No be only that one o, doctors don see another 30 new disease and some of dem no get cure.


10. Wetin 2 Timothy 3:1-5 talk about people for this our time?

10 For 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Bible talk sey: ‘For last days things go hard to manage.’ Apostle Paul tell us how plenty people go dey behave for last days. E talk sey people

  • go dey think of only theirself

  • go like money well well

  • no go dey hear their papa and mama word

  • no go do as dem talk

  • no go love their family

  • no go fit control theirself

  • go dey quick vex and dem go like fight

  • go like enjoyment pass God

  • go dey pretend like sey dem like God but dem no go dey do wetin God talk

11. As Psalm 92:7 talk, wetin go happen to wicked people?

11 Many people for your area dey behave like this? Na so many people for the whole world dey behave. But God go soon do something about the matter. E  promise us sey: ‘When wicked people start to dey grow like grass and all the people wey dey do bad things start to dey plenty, na to destroy dem forever.’​—Psalm 92:7.


12, 13. Wetin Jehovah don teach us for this last days?

12 Bible talk sey for last days, suffer suffer go full the whole world. But e still talk sey better better things go dey happen.

‘People go dey preach this good news about God Kingdom for everywhere for this world.’​—Matthew 24:14

13 People go understand wetin dey Bible. Prophet Daniel talk sey for the last days, many people go sabi the truth wey dey Bible. (Daniel 12:4) God go help im people understand wetin dey Bible pass before. Jehovah don really help im people, especially since the year 1914. For example, e don teach us why im name dey important, wetin e get for mind to do for this earth, wetin make im Son die for us, wetin dey happen to person wey don die, and e don still teach us how people wey don die go take come back to life. We don learn sey na only God Kingdom fit comot all our problem. We don still learn about wetin fit make us happy and how we go live our life for the way wey go make God happy. Bible help us know wetin God people dey do with all this things wey dem dey learn.​—Check Endnote 21 and 25.

14. Which people dey preach good news about God Kingdom, and where dem dey preach am?

14 People go dey preach for the whole world. Jesus talk sey for last days, ‘People go dey preach this good news about God Kingdom for everywhere for this world.’ (Matthew 24:3, 14) E pass 230 different place wey Jehovah Witness people dey preach and e pass 700 language wey dem dey use preach. For the whole  earth, Jehovah Witness people from different different place dey help people sabi wetin God Kingdom be and wetin e go do for everybody. (Revelation 7:9) Dem no dey collect any money to teach people wetin dey Bible. Na true sey many people hate dem, but as Jesus talk, nothing go fit make dem stop to dey preach.​—Luke 21:17.


15. (a) You believe sey na last days we dey? Why? (b) Wetin go happen to people wey dey obey Jehovah and people wey no dey obey am?

15 You believe sey na last days we dey? Many things wey Bible talk about last days don dey happen. Na small time remain, Jehovah go soon stop this preaching work and ‘the end’ go come. (Matthew 24:14) Wetin be the end? Na Armageddon. Na that time God go comot wicked people and all the bad things wey dem don cause. Jehovah go use Jesus and im angels destroy anybody wey no gree do wetin Im and Jesus talk. (2 Thessalonians 1:6-9) After that one, Jehovah no go allow Satan and im demon deceive people again. Anybody wey ready to do wetin God talk and wey support God Kingdom go see as God go do all the things wey e don promise.​—Revelation 20:1-3; 21:3-5.

16. As this world go soon end, wetin you need to do?

16 This world wey Satan dey control go soon end. E good make we ask ourself sey, ‘Wetin I need to do?’ Jehovah want make you learn many things from Bible. So make you put eye well well for wetin you dey learn from Bible. (John 17:3) Jehovah Witness people dey do their meeting every week, this meeting go help you understand wetin dey Bible. Try, make you dey go the meeting  everytime. (Read Hebrews 10:24, 25.) If you see any area wey you need to change for how you dey live your life, quick change am. And as you dey change, you and Jehovah go be tight friend.​—James 4:8.

17. When the end come, why e go surprise many people?

17 Apostle Paul talk sey many people no go ready when God go come destroy wicked people. E talk sey the day go come ‘like thief for night.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:2) Jesus talk sey many people no go put mind for the things wey show sey na last days we dey. E sey: ‘As e be for Noah time, na so e go be when Son of man go dey around [or, for last days]. As e be that time before the heavy rain fall, people dey chop and dem dey drink, men dey marry and women dey go husband house go reach when Noah take enter inside the ark. And dem no even care sotey that heavy rain fall come wash all of dem comot. Na so e go be when Son of man don dey around.’​—Matthew 24:37-39.

18. Which warning Jesus give us?

18 Jesus warn us sey make we no let ‘too much food and too much drink and all the wahala for this life’ draw us comot from God side. E talk sey the end go come when people no expect, e go be ‘like trap,’ and ‘e go come on top everybody for the whole earth.’ E come talk sey: ‘No sleep, dey pray everytime [or, dey pray with all your mind] make una fit escape all this things wey must happen and to fit stand for front of Son of man.’ (Luke 21:34-36) Why e good make we dey follow this warning wey Jesus give us? Na because Jehovah go soon destroy this world wey Satan dey control. Na only people wey Jehovah and Jesus allow go live for paradise.​—John 3:16; 2 Peter 3:13.

^ par. 4 Michael na another name wey Jesus dey bear. If you want know more, abeg read Endnote 23.