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Jehovah Witness People

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Wetin Bible Dey Teach Us?

This book go help you. You fit use am learn wetin Bible talk about different different topic like, why we dey suffer, wetin dey happen when person die, how we fit make our family happy and many other topic.

Wetin God Get for Mind to Do for Us?

You fit dey ask yourself sey why wahala full everywhere? Bible teach us sey God go soon do all this better better things for this earth; e go comot suffer suffer, sickness, and death.


Who God Be?

You think sey God love you? Learn more about the kind person wey God be and how you fit take be im friend.


Bible​—Book Wey Come From God

How Bible fit help you handle your problem? Why you fit trust wetin e talk sey go happen?


Wetin God Get For Mind For Us?

How life go be like for the new world when this earth go don be paradise?


Who Jesus Christ Be?

Learn wetin make Jesus be the Messiah wey dem talk sey go come, where e dey before e come this earth, and why e be sey na im be Jehovah only special Son.


Jesus Sacrifice Na The Best Gift Wey God Give Us

Wetin Jesus sacrifice be like? How you fit take gain from am?


Wetin Dey Happen to Person Wey Die?

Learn wetin Bible talk about where people wey don die dey and why human being dey die.


God Go Bring People Wey Don Die Back to Life!

E get anybody wey you love, wey don die? You go ever see dem again? Learn wetin Bible teach us about how people wey don die go take come back to life.


Wetin Be God Kingdom?

Many people sabi the Lord’s Prayer. Wetin e mean if we sey: ‘Make your Kingdom come’?


This World Go Soon End?

See how the things wey dey happen for this our time take show sey the end of this world don near, just as Bible talk.


Wetin Bible Teach Us About Angels?

Bible talk about angels and demons. All this spirits dey real? Dem fit help us or do us bad?


Why People Dey Suffer?

Many people think sey na God dey make people suffer. Wetin you think? Learn wetin God talk about why we dey suffer.


Wetin You Go Do If You Want Be God Friend?

We fit live our life for the way wey Jehovah like. The truth be sey we fit be Jehovah friend.


Life Na Gift​—Value Am!

God no want make we comot belle, to take blood, and animal life


You Fit Make Your Family Happy

The love wey Jesus show na better example wey husband, wife, papa and mama, and children fit copy. Wetin we learn from Jesus?


The Correct Way to Serve God

See six things wey go help you know the people wey dey serve Jehovah the correct way.


Make Up Your Mind to Serve God

Wetin be some of the things wey you go face as you dey tell people wetin you believe? How you go take tell dem wetin you believe wey no go make dem vex?


Prayer Na Gift From Jehovah

God dey answer your prayer? You need to understand wetin Bible teach about prayer before you go fit answer that question.


Promise Jehovah Sey You Go Serve Am And Make You Baptize

Wetin person need to do before e go fit baptize? Learn wetin e mean and how e good to take do am.


No Comot for Jehovah Side

How we go take show Jehovah sey we happy for the things wey e don do for us and sey we love am?


The meaning of some of the word wey dey for this book Wetin Bible Dey Teach Us?