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Jehovah Horse and Chariot Wey Fire Dey

Jehovah Horse and Chariot Wey Fire Dey

Ben-hadad wey be Syria king continue to dey worry Israel people. But prophet Elisha dey advice Israel king everytime, make dem for no catch am. Na im Ben-hadad plan to catch Elisha. As e hear sey Elisha dey one place wey dem dey call Dothan, e send im soldier go there go catch am.

The many soldier wey e send enter Dothan for night. When day break, Elisha servant go outside and see sey soldier full everywhere. E start to dey fear, come shout sey: ‘Elisha, wetin we go do?’ Elisha tell am sey: ‘People wey dey with us many pass people wey dey with dem.’ Na im Jehovah open the servant eye make e see sey horse and chariot wey fire dey full the mountain.

When Syria soldier want catch Elisha, e pray sey: ‘Jehovah, abeg blind dem.’ Even though sey the soldier dey see, dem no know where dem dey again. Elisha tell dem sey: ‘No be the  correct place una dey. Make una follow me, I go carry una go meet the man wey una dey find.’ True true, dem follow Elisha go Samaria where the king dey stay.

Before dem know where dem dey, “water don pass garri.” Israel people king come ask Elisha sey: ‘You want make I kill dem?’ You think sey Elisha go use this chance do dem back for the bad thing wey dem want do am? For where! Elisha sey: ‘No kill dem. Give dem food chop make dem dey go.’ Israel king come arrange big party for dem and e allow dem go back to their land.

‘The thing wey dey give us mind where e dey be sey, anything wey we tell am make e do for us, wey be wetin im want, e go hear us.’​—1 John 5:14