For Syria, e get one small girl wey dey far from im family. Na Syria soldier carry am comot, e come be slave to Naaman wife. Naaman na oga of soldier. The small girl dey serve Jehovah even though sey people wey dey around am dey serve juju.

Naaman get one bad sickness wey dem dey call leprosy, e dey pain am everytime. The small girl want really help am. Na im e tell Naaman wife sey: ‘I know person wey fit cure your husband. One prophet wey dem dey call Elisha dey Israel. E fit make your husband well.’

Naaman wife tell im husband wetin the small girl talk. Naaman ready to do anything, so e go Elisha house for Israel. E dey think sey Elisha go welcome am as the big man wey e be. But instead wey Elisha go go talk to am, e send im servant go greet am and tell am sey: ‘Go wash your body seven times for river Jordan. You go well.’

 Naaman weak, e come sey: ‘I think sey the prophet go pray to im God and wave im hand go back and front for my body. Instead e dey tell me sey make I go the river wey dey Israel, when we get better river for Syria. Why I no just go there?’ Naaman come vex well well, e waka comot for Elisha house.

Naaman servant reason the matter with am. Dem tell am sey: ‘You no go do anything wey go make you well? Na simple thing the prophet sey make you do. Why you no just do am?’ Naaman listen to dem, e come go river Jordan and dive enter the water seven times. As e come out from the water after the last time, e come well. E thank Elisha well well. E come sey: ‘Now I know sey na only Jehovah be the true God.’ How you think sey the small girl go feel when e see sey Naaman body don well?

‘Na from the mouth of small small pikin and pikin wey still dey suck breast, you don make your praise come.’​—Matthew 21:16