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Jehovah Use Im Angel Save Hezekiah

Jehovah Use Im Angel Save Hezekiah

Assyria soldier don win the ten-tribe kingdom for Israel. Now, Sennacherib wey be king for Assyria want come fight the two-tribe kingdom wey dem dey call Judah. E start to dey fight all Judah city one by one. But where e eye really dey na Jerusalem. But e no know sey Jehovah ready to save people wey dey Jerusalem.

Hezekiah wey be Judah king pay am big money make e no fight dem. But even though sey e collect the money, e still send e strong soldier go fight dem for Jerusalem. People wey dey Judah start to dey fear because Assyria soldier dey near dem more more. Na im Hezekiah tell im people sey: ‘Make una no fear, na true sey Assyria people strong, but Jehovah go make us strong pass dem.’

Sennacherib send e servant wey be the Rabshakeh make e go put fear for Jerusalem people body. The servant come stand for outside the city shout sey: ‘Jehovah no go fit help una. Make una no let Hezekiah deceive una. No god go fit save una for our hand.’

Hezekiah come ask Jehovah wetin e go do. Jehovah tell am sey: ‘No let wetin Sennacherib servant talk worry you. Sennacherib no go fit win una.’ After, Sennacherib come send letter give Hezekiah sey: ‘Make una surrender. Jehovah no go fit save una.’ Hezekiah come pray sey: ‘Jehovah, abeg, save us make everybody know sey na only you be the true God.’ Jehovah tell am sey: ‘Assyria king no go enter Jerusalem. I go save my people.’

Sennacherib think sey nothing fit stop am to win Jerusalem people. But one night, Jehovah  send one angel go where Assyria soldier stay for outside Jerusalem. The angel kill 185,000 Assyria soldier! All King Sennacherib soldier wey strong well well die. E no get wetin e fit do again, na im e go back to im land. Jehovah save Hezekiah and the people wey dey Jerusalem as e promise dem. If you dey Jerusalem that time, you for trust Jehovah?

‘Jehovah angel dey stay for the side of people wey dey fear Jehovah, and e dey save dem.’​—Psalm 34:7