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Solomon Build Temple for Jehovah

Solomon Build Temple for Jehovah

After Jehovah make Solomon Israel people king, e ask am sey: ‘Wetin you go like make I give you?’ Solomon answer am sey: ‘I still young, and I no know wetin I dey do. Abeg give me sense to take care of your people.’ Jehovah come tell am sey: ‘Because you sey make I give you sense, I go make you the person wey get sense pass for the whole earth. I go make you rich well well. And if you obey me, you go live long.’

Solomon start to dey build the temple. E use wood, stone, gold and silver wey fine pass. Many many men and women wey sabi the work join build the temple. After seven years, dem come build am finish. The temple don ready for dem to dey use worship Jehovah. E get altar wey sacrifice dey. Solomon kneel down for front of the temple pray sey: ‘O Jehovah, this temple no big reach or fine reach for you, but abeg let us use am worship you and listen to our prayer.’ Wetin Jehovah think about the temple and Solomon prayer? As Solomon pray finish, Jehovah send fire from heaven come burn the sacrifice wey dey the altar. This one show sey Jehovah like the temple. As Israel people see am, dem start to dey happy.

People wey dey stay Israel and people wey dey stay far far place know sey Solomon get sense. Many of dem dey come meet Solomon if dem get problem. The queen wey dey Sheba even come test am with question wey hard well well. When Solomon answer am, e talk sey: ‘I no believe wetin people tell me about you. But I don see am now sey you even get sense pass as dem talk. Jehovah wey be your God don bless you.’ Israel people enjoy life no be small, and dem happy well well. But things go soon change!

‘See eeeh! something wey better pass Solomon dey here.’​—Matthew 12:42