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Jehovah Save Jehoshaphat

Jehovah Save Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat wey be king for Judah destroy Baal altar, and all the juju wey dey Israel. Because e want make people know God law, e send elders and Levite go everywhere for Judah make dem teach people God law.

All the country wey dey around Judah dey fear to fight dem because dem know sey God dey fight for Israel. Dem dey even buy things give King Jehoshaphat. But people for Moab, Ammon and Seir still come fight Judah. Jehoshaphat know sey if God no help am e no go win. Na im e gather all the men, women and children for Jerusalem. E pray to Jehovah for their front sey: ‘Jehovah, if you no dey with us, we no go fit win. Abeg, tell us wetin we go do.’

Jehovah answer am sey: ‘Make una no fear. I go help una. Make una dey there, make una no comot for where una stand. Una go see how I go take save una.’ How Jehovah take save dem?

When day break, Jehoshaphat choose people wey dey sing, and tell dem sey make dem march for front of the soldier. Dem come march from Jerusalem go where dem want for fight. Dem dey call the place Tekoa.

As people wey dey sing start to dey praise Jehovah with loud voice, Jehovah fight for dem. E confuse Ammon and Moab people sotey dem start to dey fight theirself. All of dem die. But Jehovah save the priest, the soldier and Judah people. When all the people wey dey the country wey dey around dem hear wetin happen, dem come know sey Jehovah still dey fight for dem. How Jehovah take dey save im people? E dey use different different way, e no need any human being to help am.

‘Una no need to fight this war. Make una dey there, make una no comot for where una stand. Una go see how Jehovah go take save una.’​—2 Chronicles 20:17