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Jehovah Witness People

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Lesson Wey You Fit Learn From Bible

Wetin Dey Part 8

Wetin Dey Part 8

Jehovah bless Solomon with better sense and e allow am build the temple, but na small small Solomon start to dey leave Jehovah. If you be papa or mama, help your pikin see how people wey dey serve juju take make Solomon leave Jehovah. The kingdom come divide, bad king come make Israel people leave Jehovah and start to dey serve juju. Around this time, dem suffer many prophet wey serve Jehovah, come even kill dem. Queen Jezebel even make people wey dey north leave Jehovah and start to dey serve juju. That time no easy for Israel people at all. But some people still dey wey serve Jehovah well like King Jehoshaphat and prophet Elijah.



Solomon Build Temple for Jehovah

God like wetin King Solomon ask am, and e bless am well well.


Jehovah Divide the Kingdom

Many Israel people stop to dey serve Jehovah.


Jehovah Show Sey Na Im Be the True God

Who be the true God? Jehovah or Baal?


Jehovah Give Elijah Power

You think sey Jehovah go fit still help you?


The Pikin Come Back to Life

Two miracle for the same house!


God Punish One Wicked Queen

Jezebel plan to kill Naboth because e want thief im farm! Jehovah God see the bad things wey e do.


Jehovah Save Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat wey be good king pray to Jehovah when other country want come fight Judah.