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David and Saul

David and Saul

After David kill Goliath, King Saul make am oga of im soldier. People come know David well well because e win many war. Anytime wey David win war come back, the women go start to dey dance and sing sey: ‘Saul don kill pass one thousand people, but David don kill pass ten thousand people.’ Their song dey make Saul jealous David. E come sey e go kill am.

David sabi play harp (guitar) well well. One day wey David dey play for Saul, Saul throw spear meet am make e for kill am. But David dodge am, na im the spear nack wall. After that day, Saul still try to kill am many times. As e be like that, David come run go desert.

Saul carry 3,000 soldier dey go find David. As e come be, na where David and im soldier dey hide dem go enter.  David soldier tell am sey: ‘This na your chance to kill Saul.’ As David creep go where Saul dey, e cut small part for im coat. But Saul no know. After that time, David no happy at all because e no respect Saul as person wey God don choose. E no let im soldier kill Saul. E even tell Saul sey e get chance to kill am but e no kill am. You think sey Saul no go try kill David again?

For where! Saul continue to dey find David. One night, David and im sister pikin Abishai, come sofri sofri enter Saul tent. Abner wey be Saul bodyguard no even know because e dey sleep. Abishai tell David sey: ‘Na our chance be this! Make we kill am.’ David tell am sey: ‘Na Jehovah go show am pepper. Make we just carry im spear and jug go.’

David come climb mountain, dey look Saul tent for ground. E come shout sey: ‘Abner, why you no protect your king? Where Saul jug and spear?’ Saul know sey na David dey talk, e come sey: ‘You for don kill me, but you no kill me. I know sey na you go be the next king.’ Saul come go im palace. But the truth be sey, no be everybody for Saul family no like David.

‘If una fit, as far as e dey una hand, make una make peace with everybody. My people wey I love, make una no do bad to anybody wey make una vex, but leave everything for God hand.’​—Romans 12:18, 19