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David Kill Goliath

David Kill Goliath

Jehovah tell Samuel sey: ‘Go meet Jesse for house, because one of im pikin go be the next king.’ So Samuel go Jesse place. As e reach there e see the senior boy pikin, e come dey think sey: ‘Hmmm, na the person be this!’ But Jehovah tell am sey no be im be that. E sey: ‘I dey see wetin dey person mind, no be just how e fine reach.’

Jesse call six of im pikin for Samuel. Samuel come sey: ‘Jehovah no choose any of dem. You no get another pikin?’ Jesse sey: ‘One still dey, na im be my last boy, im name na David. E don go take care of my sheep for outside.’ As David waka come, Jehovah tell Samuel sey: ‘Na im be this!’ Samuel pour oil for im head to make am the next king for Israel.

After some time, Israel people come get fight with Philistine people wey get one giant wey dey help dem fight. Im name na Goliath. E dey use Israel people do yeye everyday. E come dey shout sey: ‘Make una bring person wey go fit fight me. If e win, we go be una slave. But if I win, una go be our slave.’

David carry food go give im brothers wey be soldier for where Israel people gather. When e hear wetin Goliath talk, e sey: ‘I go fight am!’ Saul wey be their king tell am sey: ‘You be small boy.’ David tell am sey: ‘Na Jehovah go help me.’

 Saul give David wetin e dey wear take dey fight, but David tell am sey: ‘I no go fit use am fight.’ David carry im catapult go near river go find five better stone, put for inside small bag. Na im e run go where Goliath dey. As Goliath see am, e shout sey: ‘Hey! Small boy, come here. I go take you do food for bird and all the animals.’ But David no fear, e shout give am back, sey: ‘You dey come fight me with sword and spear, but I dey come fight you with Jehovah name. No be we you dey fight o! Na God you dey fight. Everybody for here go know sey Jehovah get power pass the sword and spear wey una carry. E go put una for our hand.’

David put stone for im catapult. Na im e draw am well well. Because Jehovah help am, the stone nack Goliath for front of im head and enter inside im head. Goliath come fall for ground die, as Philistine people see am, dem start to dey tear race make dem for no die. You no think sey you suppose trust Jehovah like David?

‘For human being eye e no go fit happen but no be so e be with God, because God fit do everything.’​—Mark 10:27