When food no too dey Israel, one woman wey dem dey call Naomi follow im husband and im two pikin go Moab. As dem dey there, im husband come die. Im two pikin marry Ruth and Orpah wey come from Moab. As time dey go, the two pikin come still die.

As Naomi hear sey food don dey Israel, e come start to dey go back. Ruth and Orpah come follow am, but as dem dey go for road, Naomi tell dem sey: ‘Una be better wife for my two pikin and una still take care of me well. I want make una marry again. Make una go back to Moab.’ Dem tell Naomi sey: ‘We love you! We no want leave you.’ But Naomi continue to dey tell dem sey make dem go back. Last last, Orpah come go back, but Ruth no gree go. Naomi come tell Ruth sey: ‘Orpah dey go back to una people and una gods. Follow am.’ But Ruth tell am sey: ‘Lai lai, I no go leave you. Your people go be my people, and your God go be my God.’ How you think sey Naomi feel when Ruth tell am like that?

Ruth and Naomi reach Israel when people start to dey harvest barley for farm. So one day, Ruth come go collect wetin remain from one man farm. The man name na Boaz and na Rahab pikin. Boaz don hear sey Ruth come from Moab and e hold Naomi tight. E come tell people wey dey work for am sey make dem no harvest everything finish, make Ruth for see small gather.

 That evening, Naomi ask Ruth sey: ‘Which person farm you for work today?’ Ruth answer am sey: ‘Na for one man farm wey dem dey call Boaz.’ Naomi come tell am sey: ‘Boaz na my husband family person o! Continue to dey work for im farm with other young women. Nobody go do you anything.’

Ruth continue to dey work for Boaz farm until the time wey dem dey harvest don finish. Boaz see am sey Ruth dey work well well. E still see am as better woman. For olden days, if man marry and e no born pikin before im die, im family person go marry im wife. So, Boaz come marry Ruth. Dem born one boy wey e name na Obed. Obed later be King David grandpapa. Naomi friends happy well well. Dem talk sey: ‘Jehovah first give you Ruth wey dey help you well well, now e don give you grandpikin. We thank Jehovah well well.’

‘Friend dey wey dey hold im friend tight pass im friend brother.’​—Proverbs 18:24