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Jehovah Choose Joshua

Jehovah Choose Joshua

Moses don lead Israel people for many many years. Now, e don old and e go soon die. So Jehovah come tell am sey: ‘No be you go carry Israel people enter the land wey I promise dem. But I go let you see the land.’ Moses come sey make God choose who go lead dem. Na im Jehovah tell am sey: ‘Go meet Joshua and tell am sey na im I choose.’

Moses tell the people sey e go soon die, and sey Jehovah don choose Joshua to lead dem enter the land. Moses come tell Joshua sey: ‘No fear. Jehovah go help you.’ After small time, Moses go top of the mountain wey dey Nebo, na there Jehovah for show am the land wey e don promise Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Moses dey 120 years when e die.

Jehovah tell Joshua sey: ‘Cross river Jordan enter Canaan. I go help you as I help Moses. Make sure sey you dey read my Law everyday. No fear. But get mind. Go do wetin I don command you.’

Joshua send two people go hide look Jericho.  For the next lesson, we go learn more about wetin happen for Jericho. But when dem come back, dem tell Joshua sey e don reach time wey dem go enter Canaan. The next day, Joshua tell everybody sey make dem pack their things. E come tell the priest wey dey carry the ark of the covenant sey make dem dey front as dem dey go river Jordan. The river full well well. But as the priest leg touch the river, the water dry comot. The priest waka reach the middle of the river and dem stand for there until all Israel people cross finish. You know think sey this miracle make dem remember wetin Jehovah do for the Red Sea?

Last last, after all this years, Israel people don enter the land wey Jehovah promise dem. Now, dem fit build house wey dem go dey stay and plant anything wey dem like for their farm. The land get many many good things to chop and drink. Na im make dem dey call am land wey milk and honey full.

‘Jehovah no go stop to lead you and e go give you everything wey you need even for dry land.’​—Isaiah 58:11