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Gideon Win Midian People

Gideon Win Midian People

After some time, Israel people still leave Jehovah and start to dey serve juju. This one come make Midian people thief their animal and destroy their plant for seven years. Israel people come dey hide for inside hole wey dey rock and mountain, make dem for no kill dem. Dem come beg Jehovah make e save dem. Jehovah come send one angel go meet one young man wey dem dey call Gideon. The angel tell am sey: ‘Jehovah don choose you to be strong soldier.’ But Gideon ask am sey: ‘How I go take save Israel people? I no reach anything.’

How Gideon go take know sey Jehovah don choose am? E put sheep hair for ground and tell Jehovah sey: ‘If dew fall for only the sheep hair and ground dry tomorrow morning, I go know sey you want use me save Israel people.’ True true, the next morning the sheep hair soak finish but ground dry like sey dew no fall at all! But Gideon still tell Jehovah sey make dew fall for ground but make only the sheep hair dry the next morning. Na so e really happen. This one come make Gideon believe sey  Jehovah don choose am. So, e gather all im soldier and ready to go fight Midian people.

Jehovah tell am sey: ‘I go make Israel people win. But as una get many soldier so, una fit think sey una win with una power. So, tell anybody wey dey fear sey make e go back.’ Na so 22,000 soldier take go back, na only 10,000 soldier come remain. Jehovah come sey: ‘The soldier still too many. Carry dem go river and tell dem make dem drink water. Na only people wey dey look whether their enemy dey come as dem dey drink water go remain.’ As e come be, na only 300 soldier look as dem dey drink water. Jehovah promise am sey na this 300 men go win the 135,000 Midian soldier.

That night, Jehovah tell Gideon sey: ‘E don reach time to fight Midian people.’ Gideon come give im soldier horn. E still give dem big jug to cover wood wey fire dey. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una dey look me, and make una do as I do.’ Gideon blow im horn, scatter im jug and bring im wood wey fire dey come out shout sey: ‘Jehovah sword and Gideon sword!’ All the 300 soldier do as e do. Midian people come dey fear, and dem start to dey run anyhow. Because dem dey confuse, dem start to dey fight theirself. E clear sey Jehovah don help Israel people win their enemy again.

‘To show sey the power wey pass normal power na from God no be from us.’​—2 Corinthians 4:7