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Jehovah Witness People

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Lesson Wey You Fit Learn From Bible

Wetin Dey Part 6

Wetin Dey Part 6

When Israel people enter the land wey Jehovah promise dem, na the tabernacle dem for dey worship Jehovah. Priest dey teach dem Jehovah Law and people wey dey judge dey guide dem. This part make us know sey wetin one person do fit affect other people. E show sey all Israel people one one, get wetin dem suppose do to make Jehovah and their neighbor happy. E still make us know sey people like Deborah, Naomi, Joshua, Hannah, Jephthah pikin, and Samuel do better things wey touch people mind for where dem stay. E still help us see sey people like Rahab, Ruth, Jael, and Gibeon people wey no come from Israel follow Israel people because dem know sey God dey with dem.



Jehovah Choose Joshua

Wetin God tell Joshua go fit still help us today.


Rahab Hide People Wey Come Look the Land

Jericho fence come dey scatter. But Rahab house no scatter, even though sey e dey fence.


Joshua and Gibeon People

Joshua pray to God sey: ‘Sun, no comot!’ God answer the prayer?


One New Leader and Two Women Wey Get Mind

After Joshua die, Israel people come start to dey serve juju. Dem suffer well well, but Jehovah use Barak, Deborah, and Jael with im pin take help dem


Ruth Hold Naomi Tight

Two women wey their husband don die, go back to Israel. One of the women, Ruth, start to dey work for farm, na there Boaz for see am.


Gideon Win Midian People

After Midian people suffer Israel people well well, dem beg Jehovah make e help dem. How Gideon small soldier take win 135,000 Midian soldier?


Hannah Beg Jehovah for Pikin

Elkanah carry Hannah, Peninnah, and im pikin go worship for tabernacle wey dey Shiloh. Na there Hannah for beg Jehovah for pikin. After some time, e born Samuel.


Jephthah Promise Jehovah

Wetin Jephthah promise, and why? Wetin Jephthah pikin talk when e papa tell am wetin e promise Jehovah?


Jehovah Talk to Samuel

High priest Eli two pikin dey work as priest for tabernacle, but dem no dey obey God law. Young Samuel dey different. One night Jehovah talk to am.


Jehovah Give Samson Power

God give Samson power make e fight Philistine people, but when Samson do mistake, Philistine people catch am.