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Dem No Do Wetin Dem Promise

Dem No Do Wetin Dem Promise

Jehovah tell Moses sey: ‘Come meet me for top of the mountain. I go write my law for stone give you.’ Moses climb top of the mountain and stay there for 40 days and 40 night. When e dey there, Jehovah write the Ten Commandment for two stone give am.

After some time, Israel people think sey Moses don forget dem. Dem come tell Aaron sey: ‘We want who go lead us. Make god for us.’ Aaron come tell dem sey: ‘Make una give me una gold.’ E melt the gold for fire and use am make small cow for dem. The people come sey: ‘This small cow na our God wey carry us comot for Egypt!’ Dem start to dey worship the small cow, and dem do party. You no think sey na bad thing dem do? Yes o, because dem don promise sey dem go worship only Jehovah. But dem no do wetin dem promise.

 Jehovah see wetin dey happen and e tell Moses sey: ‘Go meet your people. Dem dey do wetin I no like because dem dey worship fake god.’ Moses come down from the mountain with the two stone for e hand.

As e dey near the mountain, e hear the people dey sing. E come see dem dey dance and dem dey bow down for the small cow. The thing pain Moses reach im bone. Na im e throwey the two stone for ground and dem scatter finish. Na once e still scatter the small cow. E come ask Aaron sey: ‘How this people take make you do this bad thing?’ Aaron come answer am sey: ‘Abeg no vex. You know how the people be. Dem want god na im make I melt their gold for fire and use am make this small cow.’ But Aaron for no do like that. Moses come go top of the mountain and start to dey beg Jehovah make e forgive dem.

Jehovah forgive people wey ready to change. You know see am sey na better thing for Israel people to let Moses lead dem?

‘Anytime wey you promise God something, no waste time do am, because e no dey happy with people wey no get sense. Do wetin you promise.’​—Ecclesiastes 5:4