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Dem Challenge Jehovah

Dem Challenge Jehovah

After some time wey Israel people dey the desert, Korah, Dathan, Abiram and 250 other people challenge Moses. Dem tell am sey: ‘Una own too much! Why e be sey na you be our leader and Aaron na our high priest? Jehovah dey with all of us, no be only you and Aaron.’ Wetin dem talk no make Jehovah happy at all. E take am like sey na im dem dey challenge.

Moses come tell Korah and the people wey dey follow am sey: ‘Make una come tabernacle tomorrow and make una full una stick wey fire dey with incense. Jehovah go show us who e don choose.’

True true, the next day, Korah and im 250 men go meet Moses for the tabernacle. Dem come burn incense like sey dem be priest. Jehovah come tell Moses and Aaron sey: ‘Make una comot for where Korah and im people dey.’

Na true sey Korah go meet Moses for the tabernacle, but Dathan, Abiram and their family no gree go. Jehovah come tell  Moses sey make dem no near Korah, Dathan and Abiram tent. Na once all Israel people comot. But Dathan, Abiram and their family stand for front of their tent. Before dem know, ground open swallow all of dem. Fire come down from heaven come burn Korah and im 250 men for the tabernacle.

Jehovah come tell Moses sey: ‘Take one one stick from the leader of all the tribe and write their name put. But write Aaron name for Levi tribe. Put all of dem for inside the tabernacle, and the stick of the person wey I choose go grow flower.’

The next day, Moses bring all the stick come out and show dem. Flower don dey grow for Aaron own, and ripe fruit dey on top am. This one show sey Jehovah don choose Aaron as high priest.

‘Make una dey obey people wey dey lead una and make una dey carry unaself down.’​—Hebrews 13:17