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Donkey Wey Talk

Donkey Wey Talk

E don dey near 40 years wey Israel people dey desert. Dem don win many strong city. Now wey dem don reach Moab wey near river Jordan, e don reach time wey dem go enter the land wey God promise dem. Balak wey be king for Moab dey fear sey dem go collect im land. Na im e call Balaam come Moab make e come curse Israel people.

But Jehovah tell Balaam sey: ‘No try am curse Israel people.’ As e hear wetin Jehovah talk, e no gree go again. King Balak come call am again and promise am sey e go give am anything wey e want. But Balaam no still gree go. God come tell am sey: ‘You fit go, but you go talk only wetin I sey make you talk.’

Balaam come enter im donkey and start to dey go Moab. Im plan na to curse Israel people even though sey Jehovah sey make e no try am. Jehovah angel appear for road three times. Balaam no dey see am, but the donkey dey see am. As the donkey see am the first time, e comot for road enter bush. As e see am the second time, e carry Balaam go jam wall, na im Balaam leg nack wall. As e see am the last time, e lie down for road. Balaam flog the donkey that three times.

After Balaam flog the donkey the last time, Jehovah come make am talk. E ask Balaam sey: ‘Why you dey flog me anyhow?’ Balaam answer am sey: ‘You make me be like mumu. I for don kill you if to sey I get sword.’ The donkey come tell am sey: ‘I don dey carry you for many years now, I don do like this before?’

Jehovah come let Balaam see the angel. The angel tell am sey: ‘Jehovah warn you make you no curse Israel people.’ Balaam come sey: ‘I don do bad thing. I go go house back.’ But the angel  tell am sey: ‘You fit go Moab, but you go talk only wetin Jehovah sey make you talk.’

Balaam get sense from wetin don happen? For where! Even after all this things, e try to curse Israel people three times, but Jehovah turn am to blessing. Last last, Israel people fight Moab and dem kill Balaam. If to sey Balaam listen to Jehovah that first time, e for no better for am?

‘Make sure sey una no get long throat at all at all, because even when person get plenty things, the things wey e get no fit give am life.’​—Luke 12:15