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The Last Thing Wey God Take Punish Egypt

The Last Thing Wey God Take Punish Egypt

Moses tell Pharaoh sey e go try make e no see am again. But before e comot, e tell Pharaoh sey: ‘For midnight, all Egypt people first pikin, from Pharaoh pikin go reach im slave pikin go die.’

Jehovah tell Israel people sey make dem chop special food. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una kill man goat or sheep wey dey one year, and make una put some of im blood for front of una door. Make una roast the meat, and chop am with bread wey no get yeast. Make una wear una cloth and sandals and ready to comot. I go free una this night.’ You no think sey Israel people go happy well well?

True true, for midnight, Jehovah angel go all the house wey dey Egypt. All the first pikin die for all the house wey dem no put blood for front of their door. But the angel no enter any house wey blood dey the front. One pikin die for all Egypt people house whether rich or poor. But any Israel person pikin no die.

Even Pharaoh first pikin die. The thing pain Pharaoh reach im bone. Na once e tell Moses and Aaron sey:  ‘Get up. Comot for here. Make una go worship una God. Make una still carry una animal.’

When moon don come out well, dem arrange their family and tribe and start to dey comot for Egypt. Dem be 600,000 men and many women and children. Many Egypt people still follow dem so that dem go fit still worship Jehovah. Last last, Israel people don free!

Dem go dey chop this special food once every year, to remember how Jehovah take save dem. Dem dey call am Passover.

‘This na the reason why I never kill you: so that I go fit use you show people my power, and make everybody for the world sabi my name.’​—Romans 9:17