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Jehovah No Ever Forget Joseph

Jehovah No Ever Forget Joseph

When Joseph dey prison, Pharaoh wey be Egypt king get dream wey nobody fit explain. One of im servant come tell am sey Joseph fit tell am wetin the dream mean. Pharaoh come sey make dem carry Joseph come.

Pharaoh ask am sey: ‘You fit tell me wetin my dream mean?’ Joseph answer am sey: ‘For the first seven years, food go plenty well well for Egypt, but after that seven years finish, food no go dey for seven years.’ Choose person wey get sense wey go gather food so that hungry no go finish your people.’ Pharaoh come tell am sey: ‘I choose you! Na you go be number two person wey get power pass for Egypt!’ You know who help Joseph know wetin Pharoah dream mean? Na Jehovah help am.

Joseph gather food for the first seven years. After that seven years, food no come dey anywhere for the earth as Joseph talk. People dey come from different different place come buy food for Joseph hand. When im papa Jacob hear sey food dey Egypt, e send ten of im pikin go buy.

When Joseph brothers come meet am, e know sey na dem. But dem no know sey na im. Dem come bow down for am, as e dream when e dey young. Because Joseph want see whether dem still get bad mind, e tell dem sey: ‘Una come look our land. Una want come see where we for weak.’ Dem come sey: ‘No o!  We be 12 brothers wey dey stay Canaan. But one of our brother don die and our last born dey with our papa for house.’ Joseph come tell dem sey: ‘Make una carry una last born come before I go believe una.’ Dem come go house go meet their papa.

When their food finish, Jacob come send dem go Egypt again. Dem carry Benjamin wey be their last born as dem dey go. As dem reach there, Joseph test dem. E hide im silver cup for Benjamin bag wey e take carry food and tell im brothers sey na dem thief am. When Joseph servant see the cup for Benjamin bag, im brothers surprise. Dem come dey beg Joseph make e punish dem instead of Benjamin.

Na now Joseph come see am sey im brothers don change. E come start to dey cry sey: ‘I be una brother. My papa still dey alive?’ Im brothers come surprise. E come tell dem sey: ‘Make una no reason wetin una do me. God send me come here to save una. Make una go carry my papa come quick quick.’

Dem come go house go tell their papa the good news, and dem carry am go Egypt. After many many years, Joseph and im papa come dey together again.

‘If una no gree forgive people the bad things wey dem do una, una Father no go still forgive una the bad things wey una do.’​—Matthew 6:15