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The Next Six Things Wey God Take Punish Egypt

The Next Six Things Wey God Take Punish Egypt

Moses and Aaron carry God message go tell Pharaoh sey: ‘If you no let my people go, I go send gadfly come Egypt.’ Na so gadfly full everybody house for Egypt, whether rich people or poor people. The truth be sey, gadfly full everywhere! But for Goshen wey Israel people dey stay, gadfly no dey at all. From this number four wahala go reach the last one, na only Egypt people e affect. Pharaoh come dey beg sey: ‘Beg Jehovah to comot the gadfly, if e comot am, your people fit go.’ But as Jehovah comot the gadfly, stubborn Pharaoh change im mind. E no gree let dem go. You think sey Pharaoh go ever get sense from wetin don happen?

Jehovah come talk sey: ‘If Pharaoh no let my people go, all the animal wey dey Egypt go sick and dem go die.’ The next day, all their animal start to dey die. But Israel people animal no die. But even after this one, Pharaoh still dey stubborn, e no want let God people go.

Jehovah come tell Moses sey make e still go meet Pharaoh, and make e throw ashes go up. The ashes come be dust wey enter Egypt people body. E come make all of dem and their animal get sore for body. The sore pain dem well well. Upon all this one, Pharaoh no gree let Israel people go.

 Jehovah come tell Moses make e go tell Pharaoh sey: ‘You never still gree let my people go eehh? Tomorrow rain go fall well well for Egypt.’ True true, the next day, Jehovah send rain, thunder and fire. Egypt people never see that kind thing before. All their tree and plant scatter finish, but nothing happen for Goshen. Pharaoh come tell Moses sey: ‘Beg Jehovah make e stop am. If e stop am, una fit go.’ But as God stop am, Pharaoh no gree let dem go.

Moses come sey: ‘Now grasshopper go chop any plant wey remain.’ Many many grasshopper chop everything wey remain for their tree and plant. Pharaoh come beg Moses sey: ‘Beg Jehovah make e comot all this grasshopper.’ But after Jehovah comot the grasshopper, Pharaoh no still gree let dem go.

Jehovah come tell Moses sey: ‘Carry your hand go up.’ As e carry am up, na once up dark finish. For three days, Egypt people no see anything or anybody. Na only Goshen no dark.

Pharaoh come tell Moses sey: ‘Make you and your people go. But make una leave una animal for here.’ Moses tell am sey, ‘We no go gree, we must carry our animal so that we go use am do sacrifice to our God.’ Pharaoh come vex tell am sey: ‘Comot for my front! If I see you for here again, I go kill you.’

‘And una go come still see how righteous person take different from wicked person, and person wey dey serve Jehovah from person wey no dey serve am.’​—Malachi 3:18