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Na Jehovah Moses Worship

Na Jehovah Moses Worship

When Jacob family dey Egypt, na Israel people dem dey call dem. After Jacob and Joseph don die, one new king come start to dey rule. The king dey fear sey Israel people go get power pass im people. E come make Israel people im slave. E force dem to dey mold block and do hard work. But the more e dey force Israel people to dey work, the more dem dey many. Because the king no like am, e command sey make dem dey kill any boy pikin wey Israel person born. You no think sey Israel people go dey fear?

One Israel woman wey dem dey call Jochebed born one fine boy pikin. Because e no want make dem kill am, e put am for inside basket come hide am for corner of the bush wey dey river Nile. The pikin sister wey be Miriam stay near there to see wetin go happen.

The king pikin come bathe for the river, na  im e see the basket. As e look inside the basket, e see pikin wey dey cry, e come dey sorry for am. Miriam come ask am sey: ‘Make I go call person wey go fit take care of the pikin for you?’ When the king pikin sey yes, Miriam go call the pikin mama, Jochebed. The king pikin tell Jochebed sey: ‘Take care of this pikin for me, I go pay you.’

When the pikin don grow, Jochebed carry am go give the king pikin. The king pikin come call am Moses and take am as im own pikin. Moses grow up as prince, so e fit do anything wey e want do. But e no ever forget Jehovah. E know sey im na Israel person no be Egypt. Na Jehovah e worship.

When Moses dey 40 years, e start to dey help im people. When e see one Egypt person dey beat Israel person, e nack the Egypt person well well sotey the person die. Moses bury the dead body for ground. When the king know, e try to kill Moses. But Moses run go Midian. Jehovah take care of am for there.

‘Na faith make Moses no gree make dem call am Pharaoh pikin, e choose sey e go suffer with God people.’​—Hebrews 11:24, 25