One man wey worship Jehovah stay Uz. Im name na Job. Job na big man wey get money and property well well, and e get big family. Na good person, e dey help poor people, women wey their husband don die, and children wey no get papa and mama again. But because sey Job dey do good things, you think mean sey e no ever get any wahala?

Satan dey watch Job, but Job no know. Jehovah come tell Satan sey: ‘You don see my servant Job? Nobody be like am for the earth. E dey listen to me and e dey do wetin I like.’ Satan come answer am sey: ‘No be because sey you dey protect am and bless am, make am dey obey you. You even give am land and many animal. Collect all this things, if e no go stop to dey worship you.’ Jehovah come sey: ‘You fit test am. But I no go let you kill am.’ But why Jehovah let Satan test Job? Na because e believe sey Job no go fail am.

Satan come dey give Job wahala. E first send people wey be Sabeans go thief all Job cow and donkey. After that one, fire burn all im sheep. Another people wey dem dey call Chaldeans thief im camel. Dem still kill the servant wey dey take care of Job animal. Na the next one even bad pass. All Job pikin die when the house wey dem for dey do party fall for their head. All this things make Job weak, but e no stop to dey worship Jehovah.

Satan even suffer Job more more because e  make sore cover all im body. E pain Job no be small. E no know why all this things dey happen to am. But e no stop to dey serve Jehovah. God see all this things and e happy with Job well well.

Satan come send three men go test Job again. Dem tell am sey: ‘E clear sey you don sin and you dey try hide am. Na God dey punish you so.’ Job come sey: ‘I no do any bad thing.’ But as dem tell am, e start to dey think sey na Jehovah dey cause all im problem, and e sey God no try at all.

One young man wey im name na Elihu don dey listen to wetin dem dey talk since. E come sey: ‘Wetin all of una don talk no correct, Jehovah high pass us. E no fit do any wicked thing. E dey see everything and dey help people when dem dey wahala.’

Jehovah come tell Job sey: ‘Where you dey when I make the heaven and the earth? Why you sey I no dey try? You dey talk, but you no know wetin happen.’ Job know sey e don make mistake, na im e sey. ‘Wetin I talk no correct. I don hear about you, but na now I really know you. E no get anything wey you no fit do, abeg no vex for wetin I talk.’

When Satan test Job finish, Jehovah come make am well again and e come bless am times two. Job live long and happy life. Jehovah bless Job because e listen to am even when e hard for am. You go be like Job and continue to dey worship Jehovah no matter wetin happen?

‘You don hear as Job take endure and you don see as Jehovah take bless am.’​—James 5:11