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Jehovah Test Im Faith

Jehovah Test Im Faith

Abraham teach Isaac to love Jehovah and believe all im promise. But when Isaac dey 25 years, Jehovah tell Abraham sey make e do one hard thing. Wetin be that?

God tell Abraham sey: ‘Abeg, go use your only pikin do sacrifice for me for the mountain wey dey Moriah.’ Abraham no know why Jehovah sey make e do am. But e still obey.

The next early morning, Abraham carry Isaac and two of im servant go Moriah. After three days, dem come dey see the mountain for far. Abraham tell im servant sey make dem wait as im and Isaac dey go do the sacrifice. Abraham hold knife and e give Isaac firewood carry. Isaac ask am sey: ‘Papa, where the animal wey we want use do the sacrifice?’ Abraham answer am sey: ‘No worry my pikin, Jehovah go give us.’

As dem reach the mountain, dem come build the altar for the sacrifice. Abraham come tie Isaac hand and leg and put am for the altar.

As Abraham pick the knife, Jehovah angel tell am from heaven sey: ‘Abraham! No touch that pikin! Na now I know sey you get faith for God because you ready to sacrifice your pikin.’ Abraham come see one ram wey im  horn hook for tree for inside bush. Quick quick, e loose Isaac come sacrifice the ram.

From that day go, Jehovah call Abraham im friend. You know why? Na because Abraham do everything wey God sey make e do, even when e no understand why Jehovah sey make e do am.

Jehovah tell Abraham the promise again, sey: ‘I go bless you, and I go make your children many.’ Jehovah still promise Abraham sey e go bless all good people wey come from im family.

‘God love this world well well sotey e come send im only special Son, so that anybody wey continue to get faith for am no go die, but e go get life wey no go end.’​—John 3:16