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Na Only Eight People No Die

Na Only Eight People No Die

Noah, im family and the animal enter the ark. As Jehovah lock the door, rain come start. Rain fall well well sotey the ark come dey float for water. E no tey, water full everywhere for the earth. All the bad people die. But nothing do Noah and im family. You know think sey dem go happy well well sey dem obey Jehovah?

The rain fall for 40 days and 40 nights before e stop. The water come dey dry small small. Before you know, the ark don land for mountain. But water still full everywhere, so Noah and im family no fit come out.

Na small small the water come dey dry. But Noah and im family stay inside pass one year. After the water dry finish, Jehovah tell dem sey dem fit comot from the ark and enter where be like new world. Dem happy well well sey Jehovah save dem. Dem come give Jehovah sacrifice to show sey dem really happy.

Jehovah like am as dem use animal take do sacrifice. E promise dem sey e no go ever use water destroy the earth again. E come give dem sign wey show for up. The sign na rainbow. You don see rainbow before?

Jehovah come tell Noah and im family sey make dem born pikin full the earth.

‘Noah enter inside the ark, and [people] no even care sotey that heavy rain fall come wash all ofdem comot.’​—Matthew 24:38, 39