As time dey go, people come many for the earth. But many of dem dey do bad things. Even self, some angel for heaven come dey do bad things. Dem comot from heaven come this earth. You know wetin make dem come? Dem come this earth so that dem go fit change their body to human being own and marry wife.

Dem come born pikin. The pikin wey dem born get power well well like giant and dem come dey cause wahala for other people. Jehovah no fit let all this bad things continue to dey happen. So, e sey e go use heavy rain destroy dem.

But e get one man wey no dey do like dem. The man love Jehovah. Im name na Noah. E get one wife and three pikin, the three pikin name na Shem, Ham, and Japheth and dem don marry. Jehovah tell Noah sey make e build big ark so that im and im family no go die when e go use heavy rain destroy bad bad people. Ark be like big boat wey dey float for water. Jehovah still tell Noah sey make e carry different different animal enter the ark make dem for no die.

Noah no waste time at all, e start to dey work. Noah and im family use like 50 years take build the ark finish. Dem build am the way Jehovah tell dem. That time, Noah still warn people about the heavy rain. But nobody listen to am.

As e come be, e don reach time wey dem go enter the ark. Make we see wetin come happen.

‘As e be for Noah time, na so e go be when Son of man dey around.’​—Matthew 24:37