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Wetin Dey Part 2

Wetin Dey Part 2

Wetin make Jehovah use heavy rain destroy the world that time? Sometime after Jehovah make people, one matter come dey ground. The matter be sey, people go obey God or dem go obey Satan? People like, Adam and Eve and their pikin Cain, obey Satan. But people like Abel and Noah obey God. Many people come dey do bad things sotey Jehovah destroy that wicked world. For this part, we go see sey Jehovah know whether we dey obey am or we dey obey Satan. We go still see sey Jehovah no go let people wey dey obey Satan win.



Adam and Eve No Obey God

Wetin dey special about one tree for garden of Eden? Wetin make Eve chop fruit from that tree?


E Vex Kill Im Brother

God like Abel sacrifice but e no like Cain own. When Cain see sey na so e be, e vex well well and e do bad thing.


Noah Ark

When bad angels marry women for this earth, dem born pikin wey get power well well like giant and dem dey cause wahala for other people. People come dey do bad things for everywhere. But Noah no do like dem​—e love God and e obey am.


Na Only Eight People No Die

The heavy rain fall for 40 days and 40 nights. Noah and im family stay the ark pass one year before dem come fit come out.