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Paul and Timothy

Paul and Timothy

For the congregation wey dey Lystra, e get one young brother wey im name na Timothy. Im papa come from Greece, but im mama na Jew person. Na from small pikin im mama Eunice and grandmama Lois start to dey teach am about Jehovah. But im papa no be Christian.

The second time wey Paul go Lystra go preach, e see sey Timothy love the brothers and e like to dey do things for dem. So e call Timothy make e follow am go preach. As time dey go, Paul teach am how e go take dey preach and teach well.

Na God Spirit dey lead Paul and Timothy for their preaching. E get one night wey one man tell Paul for dream sey make e enter Macedonia come preach to dem. This one come make Paul, Timothy, Silas and Luke go preach and start many congregation for there.

When Paul reach Thessalonica wey be one town for Macedonia, many people listen to Paul and dem come be Christian. Some Jew people wey no like Paul and the brothers come gather bad people join body to carry dem go meet the elders for the town. Dem come dey shout sey Paul and Timothy na enemy to Rome government. This lie fit make dem kill Paul and Timothy, so dem run go Beroea for night.

As dem enter Beroea dey preach, the people like wetin Paul dey preach well well. Dem come change, start to dey serve God. But Jew people wey no like Paul for Thessalonica still come Beroea to cause wahala for Paul. This one make Paul go another town wey dem dey call Athens. But e leave Timothy and Silas for Beroea to help the brothers make dem fit get strong mind to  serve God. E no tey, Paul send Timothy go Thessalonica and other congregation. E go there to help the brothers get strong mind to serve God even as dem dey face wahala.

Timothy face many wahala. E even enter prison as e dey preach, but e no leave Jehovah because Paul don tell am sey: ‘Anybody wey want serve Jehovah go face wahala.’ So Timothy happy to show everybody sey e hold Jehovah tight.

Paul tell the brothers for Philippi sey: ‘I dey send Timothy come meet una to help una serve God and sabi preach well.’ Paul believe sey Timothy go fit help dem because Paul and Timothy na tight friend and e don tey wey dem dey preach together.

‘I no get anybody wey get better character like im own wey go really care for una matter well well. Because all the other people dey find only wetin good for dem, no be wetin Jesus want.’​—Philippians 2:20, 21