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God Give Jesus Disciples Holy Spirit

God Give Jesus Disciples Holy Spirit

Ten days after Jesus go back to heaven, God give im disciples holy spirit. That day na Pentecost 33 C.E., and many people come Jerusalem from different different place come do festival. Jesus disciples wey gather for the room wey dey upstair reach about 120. Before dem know, something wey never happen before come happen. Something wey be like fire come dey on top the disciples head. The disciples come start to dey speak different different language. People come dey hear loud noise wey be like the one wey strong breeze dey make.

As people wey come from other land hear the noise, dem rush enter the house come see wetin dey happen. Dem surprise to hear the disciples dey speak different different language. Dem sey: ‘But this people come from Galilee. How dem come take dey speak our language?’

Peter and the other apostles come stand for their front. Peter come talk how dem take kill Jesus, e still tell the people sey  Jehovah bring am back to life. Peter sey: ‘Jesus dey Jehovah right hand side for heaven now, and God don give us holy spirit as Jesus promise us before. Na im make una dey see and hear all this things wey dey happen so.’

Wetin Peter talk touch the people well well. Dem come ask am sey: ‘Wetin we go do?’ Peter tell dem sey: ‘Make una repent from una sin and make una baptize with Jesus name. If una do am, una go still get holy spirit.’ That day, about 3,000 people baptize. From that day go, the disciples wey dey Jerusalem come dey many more more. Because holy spirit help the apostles, dem start new new congregation so that dem go fit teach the disciples about wetin Jesus command dem.

‘If you use your mouth tell people sey Jesus na Lord, and you no stop to get faith for your mind sey God bring am back to life, you go save.’​—Romans 10:9