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God Give Cornelius Holy Spirit

God Give Cornelius Holy Spirit

For Caesarea, e get one oga of soldier wey dem dey call Cornelius. Even though sey e no be Jew, Jew people dey respect am. E dey help poor people and e no dey tight hand for people wey no get. Cornelius believe Jehovah and e dey pray to am everyday. One day, one angel appear to am and tell am sey: ‘God don hear your prayer. Now, send people go Joppa where Peter dey stay, make dem call am for you.’ Cornelius no waste time at all, e send three people go Joppa wey be about 50 killometer for south.

For that same time, Peter dream one dream. E see some animal wey Jew people dey forbid, and e hear person dey tell am sey make e chop am. Peter no gree, e sey: ‘For my full life, I never chop animal wey we dey forbid before.’ The person come tell am sey: ‘No talk sey una dey forbid this animal. God don sey una fit chop am.’ E come still tell Peter sey: ‘Three People dey front of your door now. Follow dem.’ Peter come go im door, e see the three people. E come ask dem wetin make dem come. Dem answer am sey: ‘Na  Cornelius send us come, im na one of the oga of soldier for Rome. E sey make you follow us come.’ Peter come give dem room wey dem go stay till day break. The next day, im and some other Christian follow dem go Caesarea.

When Cornelius see Peter, e kneel down for im front. But Peter tell am sey: ‘Abeg get up. I be man like you. God sey make I come your house, even though sey Jew people no dey enter people wey no be Jew house. Now, abeg tell me why you sey make I come.’

Cornelius tell Peter sey: ‘Four days before you come so, I dey pray to God. Na im one angel sey make I call you. Abeg teach us God Word.’ Peter tell am sey: ‘I don see sey God no dey do partial. E dey take anybody wey want worship am as im servant.’ Peter come teach dem many things about Jesus. Cornelius and im family come get holy spirit and all of dem baptize.

‘But for all the country, the man wey dey fear [God] and wey dey do wetin e want na im God dey take as e servant.’​—Acts 10:35