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The Last Passover

The Last Passover

Jew people dey do Passover every year, and na Nisan 14 dem dey do am. This Passover dey make dem remember how Jehovah take carry dem comot for Egypt, come put dem for the land wey e promise dem. For the year 33 C.E., Jesus and im apostles do the Passover for one room wey dey upstair for Jerusalem. After dem do am finish, Jesus tell dem sey: ‘One of una go sell me.’ Wetin e talk surprise the apostles well well, dem ask am sey: ‘Who be the person?’ Jesus answer dem sey: ‘Na the person wey I go give this bread.’ Jesus come give Judas Iscariot bread. Na im Judas Iscariot get up comot for the room.

Jesus come pray. After e pray finish, e break the bread come share am give im apostles wey remain. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una chop this bread. E mean my body, wey I go give because of una.’ E come still pray for the wine and give im apostles. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una drink this wine. E mean my blood wey I go give because una, so that God go forgive una sin. I dey promise una sey una go join me be king for heaven. Make una dey do like this to remember me every year.’ True true, people wey dey follow Jesus dey do am the same day wey Jesus do am. And dem dey  do am every year, till today. The name wey dem dey call am today na, the Lord’s Evening Meal or Memorial.

After Jesus apostles chop the bread and drink the wine finish, dem start to dey argue about who big pass. But Jesus tell dem sey: ‘The person wey big pass among una go bring im self down like small pikin, like sey e no be anything.

‘Una be my friend. I dey tell una everything wey I hear from my Father. I go soon go meet my Father for heaven. Una go dey this earth, but people go know sey na una be my disciples if una love unaself. Una must love unaself as I love una.’

Last last, Jesus come beg Jehovah for prayer sey make e protect all im disciples. E beg Jehovah make e help dem get peace. E pray make God name dey holy. Im and im apostles come sing to praise Jehovah. As dem sing finish, dem go outside. E clear sey time wey dem go take catch Jesus don near.

‘Little flock, make una no fear, because una Father don gree to give una the Kingdom.’​—Luke 12:32