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Peter Sey E No Know Jesus

Peter Sey E No Know Jesus

When Jesus dey with the apostles for that room wey dey upstair, e tell dem sey: ‘All of una go run leave me this night.’ Peter talk sey: ‘Lai lai, no be me. Even if all of dem leave you. I no go ever leave you.’ But Jesus tell Peter sey: ‘Before fowl go shout (do kukuruku), you go don sey you no know me three times.’

When the soldiers carry Jesus go Caiaphas house, many of the apostles don already tear race. But two of dem follow the people wey come carry Jesus. One of dem na Peter. E go where fire dey for front of Caiaphas house because cold dey catch am. When one girl wey be slave see Peter face as light dey shine, e talk sey: ‘I know you! You dey with Jesus before!’

Peter come sey: ‘For where! No be me o! I no even know wetin you dey talk about self.’ Peter come dey waka go near the gate. Before e know, another girl wey be slave see am, the girl come tell people wey gather sey: ‘This man dey with Jesus before!’ Peter tell am sey: ‘I know even know Jesus self.’ One man tell Peter sey: ‘You join dem. Because even the way you dey talk show sey you come from Galilee like Jesus.’ But Peter come swear sey: ‘I no know am!’

One fowl come shout (do kukuruku). Peter come see sey Jesus turn look am. Na im e remember wetin Jesus talk. E come waka go outside go cry well well.

Jew people wey their work na to judge matter for court, come call Jesus for case for inside Caiaphas house. Dem don sey dem go kill Jesus, now dem dey find reason wey fit make dem kill am. But dem no see anything wey e do wey fit make dem kill am. Last last, Caiaphas ask Jesus sey: ‘You be God Son?’ Jesus answer am sey: ‘Yes.’ Caiaphas come sey: ‘We no need to find anything again. E don curse God!’ People wey dey the court support  Caiaphas, dem sey: ‘This man must die.’ Dem slap Jesus, spit for im body, dem cover im eye come start to dey nack am and tell am sey: ‘If you sey you be prophet, tell us who nack you!’

When day break, dem carry Jesus go where dem want for judge the matter and ask am again sey: ‘You be God Son?’ Jesus answer am sey: ‘Na you dey talk am so.’ Dem come sey e dey curse God. Na im dem carry am go Rome governor palace. E name na Pontius Pilate. Wetin go come happen? Make we see.

‘Time don reach, when all of una go scatter one by one go una house and leave me. But no be only me dey because the Father dey with me.’​—John 16:32