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Jesus Go Back to Heaven

Jesus Go Back to Heaven

Jesus meet im disciples for Galilee. E come give dem strong command sey: ‘Make una go make people my disciple for the whole world. Make una teach dem wetin I teach una, and make una baptize dem.’ E come promise dem sey: ‘Make una remember sey, I go always dey with una.’

For the 40 days wey Jesus stay this earth after God bring am back to life, e appear to many of im disciples for Galilee and Jerusalem. E teach dem fine fine lesson and e do many miracle. Jesus come meet im apostles for the mountain wey dey Olive for the last time. E don tell im apostles before sey: ‘Make una no comot for Jerusalem. Make una continue to dey wait for wetin my Father don promise.’

But im apostles no understand wetin e mean. So dem ask am sey: ‘Na now God want make you King for Israel?’ Jesus answer dem sey: ‘Time wey Jehovah go make me King never reach. But holy spirit go soon give una power and una go dey talk wetin una know about me. Make una go preach for Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and even the place wey far pass for the earth.’

Na im Jesus start to dey go up. As e dey go, cloud cover am. Im disciples continue to dey look up, until e go finish.

The disciples come comot from the mountain wey dey Olive go Jerusalem. Dem dey always meet for the room wey dey upstair and dem still dey pray for there. Dem dey wait make Jesus tell dem other things about the work wey e give dem.

‘People go dey preach this good news about God Kingdom for everywhere for this world make everybody fit hear, after this one, the end go come.’​—Matthew 24:14