One man wey im name na Joseph get money well well. After Jesus die, e tell Pilate sey make e let am carry Jesus body come down. Joseph come wrap Jesus body with fine cloth, and rob am with things wey dem take dey prepare dead body for burial. E come put Jesus for where dem never bury anybody before, and na inside rock. Dem come use big stone block the front. The chief priest come tell Pilate sey: ‘We dey fear sey some of Jesus disciples go come thief im body and tell us sey e come back to life.’ Na im Pilate tell dem sey: ‘Make una block the stone wey dey front of where dem bury am and make una guide am.’

One early morning after three days don pass, some women go the grave. Dem come see sey the stone no dey there again. One angel wey dey inside the grave tell the women sey: ‘Make una no fear. Jesus don come back to life. Go tell im disciples sey make dem go meet am for Galilee.’

About that same time, Mary Magdalene run go find Peter and John. When e see dem, e tell dem sey: ‘Person don carry Jesus body comot o!’ Peter and John come run go there. When dem see sey the place empty, dem waka go their house.

When Mary go back to where dem for bury am, e see two angel for inside and e tell dem sey: ‘I no know where dem don carry my Lord go.’ Mary come see one man, e dey think sey na person wey dey work for there. E tell am sey: ‘Oga, abeg tell me where you carry am go.’ But as the man call im name sey: ‘Mary!’ E know sey na Jesus be that. Mary come cry come outside sey: ‘Teacher, na im e hold am join body.’ Jesus tell am sey: ‘Go tell my brothers sey you don see me.’ Quick quick, Mary run go tell the disciples sey e don see Jesus.

Later that day, two disciples dey waka from Jerusalem go Emmaus. One man come follow dem dey waka and e ask dem wetin dem dey talk about. The disciples tell the man sey: ‘You never hear? E don pass three days wey the chief priest kill Jesus.  But some women dey sey e dey alive!’ The man come ask dem sey: ‘Una no believe wetin the prophet write? Dem sey the Christ go die and e go come back to life.’ The man continue to dey explain God Word for dem. When dem reach Emmaus, the disciples tell the man make e follow dem. When dem want chop that night, the man pray for the bread. As e pray finish, the disciples come know sey na Jesus. Jesus come vanish leave dem.

The two disciples come run go the house wey the other apostles gather for Jerusalem go tell dem wetin happen. When dem dey inside the house, Jesus appear to all of dem. The apostles no first believe sey na Jesus. Jesus come sey: ‘Make una see my hand and make una touch me. Dem don write am sey Christ go come back to life after e die.’

‘Na me be the road, the truth, and the life. Nobody fit come meet my Father unless I show am the road.’​—John 14:6