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Jehovah Witness People

Nigerian Pidgin

Lesson Wey You Fit Learn From Bible

Wetin Dey Part 13

Wetin Dey Part 13

Jesus come this earth come die for us because we get sin for body. Even though sey e die, e do wetin Jehovah want. Jehovah no leave Jesus, e bring am come back to life. Till Jesus die, e bring imself down to help other people and e forgive dem any time wey dem do bad thing. After e come back to life, e appear to im disciples. E teach dem how dem go take do the big work wey e don give dem. If you be papa or mama, help your pikin see sey e good make we dey join do this work.



The Last Passover

Jesus teach im apostles fine fine lesson as dem dey chop their last food together.


Dem Catch Jesus

Judas Iscariot and many people wey carry sword and stick go the Garden of Gethsemane, make dem for catch Jesus.


Peter Sey E No Know Jesus

Wetin happen for front of Caiaphas house? And wetin happen to Jesus for inside the house?


Jesus Die for Golgotha

Wetin make Pilate sey make dem kill Jesus?


Jehovah Bring Jesus Come Back to Life

After some days wey Jesus die, wetin come happen?


Jesus Appear to People Wey Dey Catch Fish

Wetin Jesus do wey make the disciples know sey na im?


Jesus Go Back to Heaven

Before e go, e tell im disciples some other things wey dem go dey do.