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The Woman Wey Come Draw Water for Well

The Woman Wey Come Draw Water for Well

After Jesus and im disciple do Passover finish, dem pass Samaria as dem dey go Galilee. When dem don near one town wey dem dey call Sychar, Jesus branch one place wey dem dey call Jacob well. As e dey rest for there, im disciple enter inside the town go buy food.

One woman come the well come draw water. Jesus tell the woman sey: ‘Give me small water make I drink.’ The woman tell am sey: ‘Wetin make you dey talk to me? I come from Samaria. Jew people no dey talk to Samaria people.’ Jesus come tell am sey: ‘If to sey you know who I be, you for tell me make I give you water, and I for give you water wey dey give life.’ The woman ask am sey: ‘Wetin you mean? You no even get bucket.’ Jesus tell am sey: ‘Anybody wey drink the water wey I dey give, no go ever hungry of water again.’ The woman come tell am sey: ‘Oga, give me this water.’

Jesus come tell am sey: ‘Go call your husband come.’ The woman tell am sey: ‘I no get husband.’ Jesus tell am sey: ‘Na true you talk. You don marry five times now, and the man wey you dey stay with now never marry you.’ The woman come tell Jesus sey: ‘E clear sey you be prophet. My people believe sey we fit worship God for this mountain, but Jew people sey na only for Jerusalem we go fit worship God. I believe sey when Messiah come, e go tell us how we go take worship God.’ Jesus come tell am wetin e never tell anybody before. E tell am sey: ‘Na me be the Messiah.’

 The woman come run go town go tell the people sey: ‘E be like sey I don see the Messiah o! E know everything about me. Make una come see am!’ Dem come follow am go the well dey listen as Jesus dey teach.

Samaria people come sey make Jesus stay for their town. Jesus teach dem for two days and many people come dey believe am. The town people tell the woman sey: ‘As we don listen to this man so, we know sey na im go really save the world.’

‘“Come!” and make anybody wey water dey hungry come; make anybody wey want, come take water wey dey give life for free.’​—Revelation 22:17