The power wey Jesus get no be only to make sick people well and bring people wey don die come back to life. E still get power to control heavy breeze and rain. After e pray for the mountain finish, e look down for the big river wey dey Galilee, come see as heavy breeze dey make the water dey go up and down. The apostles no come fit dey control the boat again. Jesus come down from the mountain, come dey waka for the water go meet dem. When dem see am sey person dey waka for top of water, dem come dey fear. But Jesus tell dem sey: ‘Na me, make una no fear.’

Peter tell am sey: ‘My Lord, if na true sey na you, tell me make I come meet you.’ Jesus tell am sey: ‘Ok, come meet me.’ Peter comot for the boat, come dey waka go meet Jesus even though sey the river no settle. But as e dey waka near Jesus, e come look as the water dey go up and down. E come start to dey fear. E come see sey the water dey carry am dey go down. Na im Peter shout sey: ‘My Lord, abeg save me!’ Jesus come hold im hand and ask am sey: ‘Wetin make you come dey fear? Wetin happen to your faith?’

Jesus and Peter come enter the boat. As dem enter the boat, the river come settle. You no think sey the apostles go happy well well? Dem tell Jesus sey: ‘True true, you be God Son.’

But no be only this time Jesus control weather o! E get another day wey Jesus and im apostles dey go the other side of the big river wey dey Galilee. Jesus come go sleep for back seat. As e dey sleep, one strong breeze come start to dey blow. The river come dey go up and down and because the boat no settle, water enter inside. The apostles come wake Jesus from sleep, use loud voice tell am sey: ‘Teacher, na die we dey so o! Help us o!’ Jesus come get up, tell the water sey: ‘Shut up.’ Na once the strong breeze stop for the water. Jesus ask im apostles sey: ‘Wetin happen to una faith?’ Dem start to dey tell theirself sey: ‘Na wa o! Even heavy breeze and big river dey obey am.’ The apostles learn sey if dem use all their mind trust Jesus, dem no suppose dey fear anything.

‘Where I for dey if I no get faith sey for this land wey people dey live, I go see as Jehovah good reach?’​—Psalm 27:13