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Jesus Teach People for Mountain

Jesus Teach People for Mountain

As Jesus choose im 12 apostles finish, e waka go where many people gather for the mountain. Many of the people wey dey there come from Galilee, Judea, Tyre, Sidon, Syria, and some other place for Jordan. Dem carry people wey get different different sickness come. Dem still carry some people wey demon dey worry come. Jesus make all of dem well. E come sitdown for where dem gather for the mountain dey teach dem. E talk wetin we go do if we want be Jehovah friend. E good make we know sey we need Jehovah to dey teach us, and e good make we learn to love am. But we no go fit love God if we no love other people. We must continue to do good to everybody and dey treat everybody well, even if dem no like us.

Jesus talk sey: ‘No be only your friend you go love. You go still love people wey no like you and use all your mind forgive dem.  If person dey vex for you, go beg am make e forgive you. Dey treat other people the way you want make dem treat you.’

Jesus still advice dem about money matter and property. E tell dem sey: ‘To be Jehovah friend better pass to get plenty money and property. Person fit thief your money, but if you be Jehovah friend nobody fit thief that one from you. Stop to dey worry about wetin you go chop, wetin you go drink and wetin you go wear. See bird, God dey make sure sey dem see food chop. You no go fit add one day join your life if you dey worry. Remember sey Jehovah know wetin you need.’

The people never hear person talk like this before. The Pharisee and scribe wey dey teach dem no dey teach dem all this things. Wetin make Jesus be better teacher? Na because sey everything wey e teach come from Jehovah.

‘Make una carry my load for una shoulder and learn from me, because I no dey quick vex and I no dey carry shoulder and una go get rest of mind.’​—Matthew 11:29