Pharisee people dey do everything to make people praise dem. If dem do better thing at all, na because dem want make people know dem. Dem dey pray for where many people dey, make everybody for see dem. Dem dey cram long prayer. And dem dey pray am for where people dey worship and for corner of road make people wey dey pass for hear dem. So, people surprise when Jesus tell dem sey: ‘Make una no dey pray like Pharisee people. Dem dey think sey God go hear dem because dem dey pray long prayer, but no be so. Na only you and God suppose know wetin you dey pray about. No dey talk the same thing everytime. Jehovah want make you dey pray to am from your mind.

‘You suppose to dey pray like this, sey: “Our Father wey dey  heaven, make your name dey holy. Make your Kingdom come. Make wetin you get for mind for this earth happen as e dey happen for heaven.”’ Jesus still teach dem sey make dem pray make God give dem food wey dem go chop for that day, make God forgive dem. And make dem still pray about their own matter.

Jesus tell dem sey: ‘Make una no stop to dey pray. Make una continue to dey beg Jehovah for better things. All papa and mama want give their pikin better things. If your pikin sey make you give am bread, you go give am stone? If e sey make you give am fish, you go give am snake?’

Jesus come tell dem wetin e mean, sey: ‘If you fit give your pikin better thing, na Jehovah no go come give you holy spirit? Wetin you need to do, na to pray.’ You dey follow wetin Jesus talk? Which things you dey pray about?

‘Continue to dey ask and dem go give una, continue to dey find and una go see am, continue to dey knock and dem go open for una.’​—Matthew 7:7