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Jesus Preach About God Kingdom

Jesus Preach About God Kingdom

Small time after Jesus baptize, e start to dey preach sey: ‘God Kingdom don near.’ Im disciples follow am as e dey go different diferent place for Galilee and Judea. As Jesus come back to im town wey be Nazareth, e go where dem for dey worship. E open wetin prophet Isaiah write and read am make everybody hear. E read sey: ‘Jehovah don give me holy spirit to preach the good news.’ Wetin that one mean? E mean sey even though sey many people want make Jesus do miracle, the number one reason why God give am holy spirit na to preach the good news. Jesus come tell people wey dey listen to am sey: ‘This thing wey e write don happen today.’

Jesus come go where dem for dey catch fish for Galilee. E see four of im disciples wey dey catch fish. Their name na Peter, Andrew, James, and John. Jesus tell dem sey: ‘Make una follow me, I go make una dey catch men alive.’ Dem come leave their fish business follow Jesus quick quick. Dem start to preach about God Kingdom for everywhere for Galilee. Dem preach for different different place like where dem for dey worship, market, and even road wey people dey pass. Many people dey follow dem go anywhere dem dey go. The news about Jesus reach everywhere, even Syria wey far well well.

As time dey go, Jesus give im disciples power to make people wey dey sick well and to drive demon comot for people body. Some people still follow Jesus as e dey preach for different different village and city. Many women wey get strong faith like Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna take care of Jesus and im disciples.

After Jesus train im disciples finish, e send dem go preach. As the disciples dey preach for Galilee, many people come be Jesus disciples and dem baptize. People wey ready to follow Jesus many well well sotey Jesus sey dem be like farm wey the plant don reach to harvest. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una pray make God send more  people come harvest the plant.’ E later choose 70 disciples wey e send go preach for Judea. E share dem two two. The disciples preach about God Kingdom to anybody wey dem see. When dem come back, body sweet dem to tell Jesus about the preaching work. True true, nothing Satan fit do to stop the preaching work.

Even when Jesus don go heaven, e make sure sey im disciples no stop to dey preach. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una preach the good news for everywhere for this earth. Make una teach people about God Word and baptize dem.’

‘I need to still tell people for other city the good news about God Kingdom, because na this one make am send me.’​—Luke 4:43