People wey dey the east part of Israel believe sey, star fit show dem road to where dem dey go. One night, some people wey come from East see wetin be like star dey move for up. Dem come dey follow am. The ‘star’ come show dem road go Jerusalem. Dem come dey ask people sey: ‘Where the pikin wey go be Jew people king? We come bow down for am.’

When Herod wey be king for Jerusalem hear sey dem don born one new king, e mind no rest at all. E ask the chief priest sey: ‘Where dem go for born this king?’ Dem tell Herod sey: ‘The prophet sey dem go born am for Bethlehem.’ Herod come call the people wey come from East and tell dem sey: ‘Make una go Bethlehem go find this pikin. And make una come back come tell me where e dey. I want still go bow down for am.’ But that one na big lie!

The ‘star’ come start to dey move again. The people wey come from east follow am reach Bethlehem. The ‘star’ come stop to dey move when e reach one house. The people come enter inside the house. Dem come see Jesus and im mama, Mary. Dem bow down for Jesus and give am gift like gold and two different type of oil wey dem dey call frankincense, and myrrh. But you think sey na Jehovah send dem go find Jesus? For where!

That night, Jehovah tell Joseph for dream sey: ‘Herod want kill Jesus. Carry your wife and pikin run go Egypt. Make una stay there until I tell you sey make you come back.’ Joseph no waste time at all, im and im family travel go Egypt.

Jehovah don tell the people wey come from East sey make dem no go back go meet Herod. As Herod see am sey dem no come back, e come dey vex like lion wey dey hungry. As e be sey e no know where Jesus dey, e sey make dem kill all small  pikin wey dey Jesus age for Bethlehem. But nothing go do Jesus because, e don reach Egypt.

After some time, Herod die. Jehovah come tell Joseph sey: ‘You fit go back now, nothing go do you.’ Joseph, Mary, and Jesus come go back to Israel, dem come stay Nazareth.

‘Na so the word wey come out from my mouth go be. And wetin I send am, go go well.’​—Isaiah 55:11