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Dem No Gree Bow Down for the Image

Dem No Gree Bow Down for the Image

After some time when King Nebuchadnezzar dream about the image, e use gold make one big image. E put am for the mountain wey dey Dura. E come call all the juju priest and the elders wey dey Babylon come front of the image. E still call Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego join dem. The king come talk sey: ‘Once una hear as dem dey blow the trumpet, and harp (guitar), make una bow down for the image. Anybody wey no bow down, dem go throwey am for fire.’ You think sey Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego go bow down for the image, or dem go worship only Jehovah?

The king come talk sey make dem play the music. As the music dey play, everybody bow down. Na only Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego no gree bow down. Some of the people come see dem and tell the king sey: ‘This three Hebrew people no gree bow down for the image.’ Nebuchadnezzar come call dem and tell dem sey: ‘I want give una another chance make una bow down for the image. If una no do am, I go throwey una for fire. No god go fit save una from my hand.’ Na im dem answer am sey: ‘We no need another chance. Our God go fit save us. But even if e no save us, O king, we no go bow down for this image.’

As Nebuchadnezzar hear am, e vex well well. E come tell im servant sey: ‘Make the fire hot seven  times pass as e be before!’ E tell e soldier sey: ‘Tie dem, and throwey dem inside.’ The fire hot well well sotey the soldiers wey want put dem inside the fire, burn and die. Their three fall enter the fire. But as Nebuchadnezzar look inside, e see sey na four people dey waka for the fire instead of three. E come dey fear, na im e ask the elders sey: ‘No be three people we throwey for fire? I dey see four people, and one of dem be like angel!’

Nebuchadnezzar come waka near the fire talk sey: ‘Make una come out, una wey dey serve the God wey high pass!’ Everybody surprise to see Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego dey waka come out and nothing do dem. Their body, their hair, and their cloth no burn, dem no even be like people wey enter fire.

Nebuchadnezzar come sey: ‘The God wey Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego dey serve get power well well. E send im angel come save dem. No god be like their own!’

Like the three Hebrew people, you don tell yourself sey you go hold Jehovah tight no matter wetin happen?

‘Na Jehovah your God you must serve, and na only am you go serve.’​—Matthew 4:10