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Esther Do Wetin Save Im People

Esther Do Wetin Save Im People

Esther na Jew wey dey stay one town for Persia wey dem dey call Shushan. Many years before this time, King Nebuchadnezzar carry im family comot from Jerusalem as slave. So, na im papa brother pikin wey dem dey call Mordecai take care of am. Mordecai na slave to Ahasuerus wey be Persia king.

The king dey find new queen. So im servant carry all the fine fine women wey dey Persia go show am. Esther dey among dem. When the king check all of dem, na Esther e choose to be queen. Mordecai come tell Esther sey make e no let anybody know sey im (Esther) na Jew.

Na one man wey dem dey call Haman be oga for all the elders for the palace. E dey carry shoulder well well. E want make everybody dey bow down for am. But Mordecai no gree bow down for am, so e come dey vex and even want kill am. When Haman know sey Mordecai na Jew, e come plan to kill all Jew people for the land. E tell the king sey: ‘Jew people bad well well, you need to kill dem.’ King Ahasuerus tell am sey: ‘Do dem anything wey you want.’ E come give am power to make one law. The law sey make dem kill all Jew people for the month of Adar 13. Jehovah dey look am.

Esther no know sey that kind law dey ground. So mordecai send the letter wey dem write the law put go give Esther, and tell am sey: ‘Go talk to the king.’ Esther come tell am sey: ‘Dem go kill anybody wey go meet the king when the king no call am. The king never call me for 30 days now! But I go go. If the king raise e gold staff, dem no go kill me. But if e no raise am, dem go kill me.’

Esther come go the king palace. As the king see am. E raise im gold staff. Esther  come go meet am, e come ask Esther sey: ‘Esther, wetin you want make I do for you?’ Esther tell am sey: ‘I want make you and Haman come party for my place.’ When dem dey the party, Esther tell dem sey make dem come another party wey e go do the next day. When dem dey the party, the king ask Esther again sey: ‘Wetin you want make I do for you?’ Esther tell am sey: ‘Somebody want kill me and my people. Abeg save us.’ The king come ask am sey: ‘Who want kill you?’ Esther come tell am sey: ‘Na this wicked Haman.’ The king vex well well sotey e sey make dem kill am.

But nobody fit change the law wey the king don sign. Even the king no fit change am. So the king make Mordecai the oga of all the elders and give am power to make new law. Mordecai come make one new law wey allow Jew people to fight if people come kill dem. For the month of Adar 13, Jew people kill all their enemy. From that day go, na every year dem dey remember that day.

‘Dem go carry una go front of many governor and king because of me, make una fit preach to dem and people wey no be Jew.’​—Matthew 10:18