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Jehovah Send Jeremiah Go Preach

Jehovah Send Jeremiah Go Preach

Jehovah send Jeremiah go Judah as prophet. E tell am sey make e preach to the people and warn dem sey make dem stop to dey do bad bad things. Jeremiah come tell Jehovah sey: ‘But Jehovah, I be small pikin. I no know how I go take talk to the people.’ Jehovah come tell am sey: ‘No fear. I go tell you wetin you go talk. I go help you.’

Jehovah tell Jeremiah make e gather all the elders and make e scatter one pot wey dem make with sand sand for their front and sey: ‘Na so Jerusalem go scatter.’ As Jeremiah do wetin Jehovah tell am, the elders come dey vex well well. One priest wey dem dey call Pashhur beat Jeremiah, e even chain Jeremiah hand and leg for wood wey dem put hole. Jeremiah no fit move im body for the whole night. When day break, Pashhur come allow am go. Jeremiah come sey: ‘I no go fit again, I want stop to dey preach.’ But you think sey e really do wetin e talk? For where! As e think about am well well, e come sey: ‘Wetin Jehovah send me be like fire for my body. I no fit stop to dey preach.’ True true, e continue to dey warn the people.

After many years, Judah people come get new king. The priest and the lie lie prophet no like wetin Jeremiah dey preach. Dem come tell the elders sey: ‘Make we kill am.’ Jeremiah tell dem sey: ‘If una kill me, na person wey no do any bad thing una kill. Na wetin Jehovah tell me I dey talk, no be my own.’ When the elders hear wetin e talk, dem sey; ‘Make we no kill am.’

Jeremiah no stop to dey preach,  this one come make the elders dey vex for am. Dem tell the king sey make e kill Jeremiah. The king tell dem sey make dem do am anything wey dem like. Dem come put Jeremiah for one deep hole wey potopoto dey. Dem think sey e go die. Jeremiah come dey go down down for the potopoto.

Ebed-melech wey be oga for the palace come tell the king sey: ‘The elders don put Jeremiah for deep hole o! If we leave am for there, e go die o!’ Na im the king tell Ebed-melech and 30 other men sey make dem go draw Jeremiah comot for there. You no think sey e good make we be like Jeremiah wey no let anything stop am to dey preach?

‘People go hate una because of me. But any person wey no tire go reach the end, na im God go save.’​—Matthew 10:22