After some time, Belshazzar come be Babylon king. One night, e throw party for all the big big men wey dey Babylon. E tell im servant sey make dem bring the cup wey dem make with gold wey Nebuchadnezzar carry from Jehovah temple. Belshazzar and everybody wey come the party drink with the cup and praise their gods. Na once dem see one hand dey write wetin dem no understand for wall.

Fear catch Belshazzar. E call im juju priest and tell dem sey: ‘If anybody fit tell me wetin e mean, I go make am the number three person for Babylon.’ All of dem try to tell am wetin e mean, but dem no fit. The queen come enter where dem dey and tell the king sey: ‘E get one man wey dem dey call Daniel wey dey tell Nebuchadnezzar wetin things mean. E fit tell you wetin this writing mean.’

Daniel come meet the king, na im the king tell am sey: ‘If you fit read and tell me wetin this writing mean, I go give you necklace wey dem make with gold and I go make you the number three person for Babylon.’ Daniel come tell am sey: ‘I no want anything from you, but I go tell you wetin the writing mean. King Nebuchadnezzar wey be your papa carry shoulder well well, but Jehovah make am bring imself down. You know everything wey happen to am. But you no respect Jehovah when you drink with the cup wey dem make with gold wey una carry from God temple. Na im make Jehovah write sey: Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Parsin. E mean sey Mede and Persia people go come collect Babylon, and you no go be king again.’

But that time Babylon be like where dem no fit scatter at all. The city get strong fence and big river. But that night wey Mede  and the Persia people come collect the city, Cyrus wey be Persia king direct the water go another side make im soldier fit use leg waka pass go the city gate. As dem reach there, the gate dey open! The soldier enter, collect the city and kill the king. Cyrus come be king for Babylon.

Before one year end, Cyrus tell the people sey: ‘Jehovah sey make I build im temple for Jerusalem again. Anybody wey want support, fit go.’ True true, as Jehovah promise that time, many Jew people go back to Jerusalem 70 years after dem destroy am. Cyrus sey make dem carry the cup wey dem make with gold and silver go back to the temple. E still sey make dem carry all the things wey Nebuchadnezzar carry follow body. You no see as Jehovah take use Cyrus help im people?

‘E don fall! Babylon the Great don fall, and e come be where demon dey stay.’​—Revelation 18:2